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Unique Wedding Video Ideas You Can Incorporate On Your Special Day

A wedding video is the major part of your big day that helps to cherish the wonderful memories forever. Also, you can share it with your friends or relatives who missed attending your marriage. In the future, you can happily show it to your kids, and grandchildren. Though the photos hold memories, the Wedding Video helps to watch and hear everything that occurs on your big day. You may spend on various things like foods, decorations, and more. But the film helps to remember them throughout your life by recording every moment perfectly. Ensure to hire an expert who has more years of experience and has more knowledge in handling the equipment. Rather than shoot the video in ordinary ways, including some unique ideas helps to highlight the bridal occasion. Refer below to know some thoughtful wedding video ideas. 

Make A Wedding Trailer 

Ask your videographer to create a wedding trailer with a 2- or 3-minute duration. In this clip, they can show your friends and your family. Adding the music, dialogue, and voice-over would help to highlight the film. It would have sections like laughter, emotions, and more in the minimum time. While inserting the music or dialogue, the feelings will be highlighted. 

Your Love Story 

Your fairy love story is the base of your wedding, so never forget to add it to your marriage video. You can explain the tale to everyone by voice-over or recreate the incidents by visiting and proposing at the same place. If you have the pictures that you take while both are dating, then add them to emphasize the video. You can add the photos from the love  days till the engagement to create this video.
LENSURE has the best professional wedding videographers in Melbourne for excellent videography production to gives you beautifully crafted wedding videos.

Save The Date 

The save the date video clip becomes more trending nowadays. You can ask your videographer to edit this film. Just add a few favorite snaps that were taken with your partner, tweak the location and date in the template. You can suggest adding any animation according to your preference to enhance the video clip. 

Same-Day Edit Wedding Video

Your Wedding Videographer Melbourne will shoot the entire wedding and edit a short clip that you can show to your guest that is a same-day edit clip. It is an additional interactive element, and you can display it to everyone at the reception. They will extract the remarkable moments from the marriage and make it a short video. 

Proposal video 

You may have the best proposal from your better half and failed to capture the lovable moments. But now you can recreate the blissful moment with the help of your videographer. It will add an edge to your marriage film and take your heart back to the wonderful moments that would cherish for your lifetime. Also, everyone can know how the first proposal happened and highlight the clip, shoot it at the same place, and wear the same costume. 

Add A Unique Feature 

Including the unique and unusual things in your wedding film is a trendy choice. You can try the 'trash the dress' based on your preference. It includes the bride wearing the wedding gown and jumping into the muddy puddles, kids covering her dress with colorful paint, or discovering another way to waste the outfit. You do not need to go to this extreme, but adding the uncommon feature at the end of your marriage film is a fantastic idea. 

Include The Guest Messages 

You can ask your videographer to shoot the guest message that adds a personal touch to the film. It can be filmed in a separate room with a convenient sofa and a standing video camera. Thus, your guest won't feel more self-conscious while recording their speeches.  

Final Review 

Incorporating the above thoughtful wedding video ideas will add an edge to your big day. At Lensure, we offer you precise filming and editing along with creative ideas. Our expert videographers value and understand the importance of your big day and capture your story impressively. Our experts have more years of experience in the field, so they will film your special day like a fairy-tale. For more information Contact Us now.

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