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Koh Srichang with Canon Club

Just wonder that nowadays all Canon Trip always arrange to early morning. This time 4 am. Wow, very early actually but you know it's not difficult for me to get up to go there because I'm always exciting to go to new place and take photo. Moreover, this time make me feel more exciting because I have a chance to try the new lense EFS 10-22, which is the widest lense that I got in my camera bag. The result for using this lense make me quite satisfy. The sky is open (open again hahahahaha) Okay, I should use the right vocab, right? It's blue sky, my dear. So I got a nice photo a lot actually. Anyway, it's quite hot, you can guess I sweat a lot. A good chance to take a nice photo has to replace with the hot weather, I think.

However, if you want me to go there again. I have to think about it twice because it's very hot and I don't want to sweat a lot. However, I just follow you. Anywhere you want to go, I will go.

According to this trip, I like my work a lot. This one is one of my favorite too. The umbrella that stand at the beach. I just lie down on the bed and use the widest lense that I have to shoot it and here it is.


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Focusing Trip with Warm Memory

Back to join the trip with my master again. Everytime I go back to this home, I always feel very warm inside my heart. No competition among us. I don't need to wear the mask to face each other. All I can do is just express my feeling and be myself. What I get from this trip is quite a huge experience for me and it happen everytime when I come back to this home.

This time we went to Hua Hin and you know, we can guess how tough we have to suffer when we went to the trip with my master. We will concentrate to take photo. The more we take photo, the more knowledge we will got. So before we come to this trip we have to prepare ourselves. Having enough sleeping otherwise, it will be very difficult to go through all the trip that the president of Focusing Club tried to arrange his best for us. However, all the good time is passed already but the good memory that we spend 2 days 1 night together is still in my memory again. I'm sure that it's just one of our good memory this time because there will be next time for sure. See you guys again next time.


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