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TOEIC Mastery v1.2

TOEIC Mastery v1.2 [ALA]

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ŴǤꡢ Extract here
1.꡷ Setup.exe
2. License cancel
3. TCM.EXE ҡŴͻ
4. Դ C:Program FilesALATCM Paste TCM.EXE ͺҷѺŧ
5. ꡷ TCM.EXE ŧͷẺ֡Ѵ

TOEIC(R) Mastery v1.2 Release Notes

Please read the following carefully.

1. For single user, single computer installations, it is only necessary
to run the Setup.exe program from the CD. The setup program creates
entries in the desktop START|PROGRAMS|ALA group, and creates desktop
shortcuts to the main program (TCM.exe) and the tutorial (TCMHELP.exe).
Since the TOEIC Mastery data content remains on the CD, the CD must be
inserted before the program will run.

2. For network multi-user installations, the entire data content is copied
to the hard disk, about 850 files, and requires about 180 Megabytes of free

IMPORTANT: First run the standard installation program Setup.exe.
After the standard product has been installed, then run the NetSetup.exe
program to continue with the TOEIC Mastery Network installation. The
NetSetup.exe program will require you to provide the License Key provided
with the product. Expect to wait several minutes while the files are copied
to a destination disk drive. System administrators may want to create desk-
top shortcuts to the TCM.EXE and TCMHELP.exe programs for workstations on
the network. No physical files will be copied to the workstations.

3. All computers that will run TOEIC Mastery should have a default printer
assigned. TOEIC Mastery does not permit users to change/set print options.


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