Where in the world am I

I was working for Virgin Atlantic Airways for several years and fortunate enough to travel to different countries all over the world. I did not keep track of the places and therefore cannot remember where I was. All I have are the pictures that I took and the hope that you can get a sense for my travels.

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I love New York City, it is my home town

I live in New York City. I love it here because everything comes here first. I like to know everything before anyone else. All entertainment originates here. It is so easy to travel anywhere in the city. Whenever you're traveling, you have to stop in NYC on the way. There are also great clubs here. Whenever I feel lonely I can go to a club and see how people are dressed and dancing. Years later I will see the world doing what I saw in the club years ago. I like to go see off-Broadway shows quite often. I especially enjoy the comedy clubs which are always fun to go to. Another favorite is to stroll along the river or walk in central park.

I love flowers. I love to make arrangements and look at others work as well: Flowers are wonderful because they are not man made. It's natures natural media. Each flower is like a music note in a song. It is a challenge, but one well worth it.

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New York  United States

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