พฤษภาคม 2551
19 พฤษภาคม 2551

The latest journey .... Pattaya

At first, I didn't want to go to Pattaya, I'd like to go to Samed Island but can't go because I can't book any hotel in Samed, very fully book. And my boss will go to Pattaya so it's free ticket 555. So, I changed my mind to go to Pattaya instead.

1st night I stayed at Jomtien Beach , the room was very good (12th floor) and I felt very free from everything

Waiting for P'Tao, she came on the 2nd day, but the weather is clouded and some rain, we went only the department store.

2nd night I move to another hotel near Pattaya Beach, smaller but I didn't mind, it's just for sleeping. Night out, we walk along the street that should have coyote dancing but tomorrow there will be the local election here, so it's quite quiet place, many people but no music, no show. So, we walked back to the hotel and see the television. In Pattaya, no where sleeping, it seem still wake up all the time.

3rd day, in the morning, we went back to Jom Tien Beach to play and swim. We bought new bikini (my 1st bikini), it's purple. But I's quite dare to wear them only, so I wore the t-shirt cover again. We played until 11am. then backed to Hotel, waited for P'Jay who will come with his girlfriend to pick up us. He's so kind.

P'Jay arrived about 12.30am, at first, we gonna go to Sattaheep to travel, but the rain came so hard. So, we found the place to have lunch then back to Bangkok.

I's stay in Bangkok with P'Tao around Ratchada, this night, we went to have dinner at Kaosarn Rd., (Pizza Lunta, A must place !) I bought one dressed here.

Last day in Bangkok, I went to Pratunam and Platinum mall for shopping. Not a lot, because we paid a lot in Pattya. Afternoon, back to hotel, waited for P'Tao. Evening, went to Union Mall before got the 8.30pm bus back to Chiangmai

Really Good Trip !


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