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ชนะใดก็ไม่เท่า..ชนะใจตนเอง !

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Everything happens for a reason.
Whether we like it or not.
The bad things only happen
to make us appreciate the good things.

"Be true to love, and ...
love will be true to you."

“It isn't what you have,
or who you are, or where you are,
or what you are doing that makes
you happy or unhappy. It is ....
what you think about.”

EVERYONE makes mistakes...
If you can't forgive others,
don't expect others to forgive you.

0ne day you will wake up
and realize that you lost the only
person who truly loved you,
the only person who truly cared
and it will be too late to apologize....

"Words have the power to both
destroy and heal.
When words are both true and kind,
they can change our world."

People may forget what you say,
People may forget what you do,
but people will NEVER forget
how you make them feel!

A wise person will speak
because they have something to say,
A foolish person will speak
because they have to say something.

Always remember to say I Love You
to the people you care about,because
you never know what will happen tomorrow.

You can't control what other people do ,
but you can control how you let it affect you .

you can`t always live with them,
but you can`t live without them either,
and they are always there when you need them.

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