Self-Confidence Supports Success

I read the book named"the Subject of Success of Thinkers" written by a Chinese, his name is Wei .......( ԧ) . Sorry that I cannot spell his name in Englist. This book has been translated into Thai and many otherlanguages. However, I read and write based on my understanding, so this might not be the same version.

Our self-confidence is acrucialfactor to help us reach success. Self-confident people attain goalsmore easily.They usuallyrealizewhatistheir ultimategoal.Hence, theywillworktothe best oftheirability toachievetheir goal. They remember that the harder the goals are,the morethe timeis required to devote, so theyknow that they have to be patient andkeep working hard.From this point, the author suggests that we should rememberthesaying that"Rome cannot be built in a day,andthe best fish swims near the bottom." However,it does not mean that we should be hesitate and move slowly. Indeed, we haveto rushto completetheworkstohit targetsquicklywith perseverance.In order tosucceed, we havetofocus on therelationship of time and thedegree ofourcompetency so thatwedo notoverestimate orunderestimate ourselves.

In short,thekey wordsshould be reminded:havinggoals,being patient,rushingto completeworks (toachieve goals), andevaluatingtime andourcompetency.

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