Rodent (N)

any small animalthat belongs to a group of animals with strong sharp front teeth. Mice, ratsand squirrels are all rodents.

Exert (V)

1 ~ sth to use poweror influence to affect sb/sth

He exerted all hisauthority to make them accept the plan.

The moon exerts aforce on the earth that causes the tides.

2 ~ yourself to makea big physical or mental effort In order to be successful he would have toexert himself.

Conventional (ADJ)

(often disapproving)tending to follow what is done or considered acceptable by society in general;normal and ordinary, and perhaps not very interesting conventionalbehaviour/morality

She's veryconventional in her views.



to reply to sbby trying to prove that what they said is not true



1 (chemistry)a substance that makes a chemical reaction happen faster without beingchanged itself

Chlorine will actas a catalyst.

2 ~ (for sth)a person or thing that causes a change

I see my roleas being a catalyst for change.

Hornby, A S. OxfordAdvanced Learner’s Dictionary, 8th edition (Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

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