Special Entry : Our VDO !
Green IT computing


Review problems

We have a bit problem just a lot of friends come late , and no

one be a professional about Movie maker but finally we can do it.

The last thing is we are not a actors and actress lol .

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Entry 4
IT and The Future

In the future will have a lot of new technology and it is interesting

for me to follow it . It will have a lot of new moblie phone ,

computer , games and etc .I think that the good business man

must improve himself everyday , so I don't want to stop study .

I don't want to grow like a old man who stupid about technology .

By the way IT will give us good benefit when we use in the right

way . But if we use it in wrong way it will destroy yourself.

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IT and Songkran Festival !

This year I went to Silom with my friends. This year I saw a lot

of thing change from last year. I notice that because I went to

Silom every years . This year have a lot of music from the big

speakers and also spot light that make the festival look like

colourful and fun . I thought they have some technics to

protect the eqiupments from the water . I saw a lot of

people brought cemera to Silom road too and my friend also.

that camera can protect the water . That is amazing i thought.

So this year i can take a picture with my friends on Songkran day

images by free.in.th
Thanks: ฝากรูป

images by free.in.th
Thanks: ฝากรูป

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Special Entry : Plan about our VDO
We suggest that we will record add Bangna campus and script

we gonna talk about when computer is broken then what we

gonna do. And another say about the right way to do with the

broken computer such as recycle , repair or give it to

philanthropic foundation . Hardware we will use to record VDO


images by free.in.th
Thanks: ฝากรูป ประกันภัยรถยนต์

Sofeware that we will use to edit the VDO is Wndows moive maker

that is a plan about today



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Special Entry : Poster
Concept about this poster is Think green is begining in your hands

sound like reduce garbage form using IT production

will reduce POLUTION start with your hands

images by free.in.th

images by free.in.th




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