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   Hello from Santa Monica, CA.

Hi everyone, needless to say how glad I am to be a part of bloggang community. I miss Thailand so much and to be here made me feel like home. I have been living in California for 13 years after I graduated from Thailand. The weather here is very nice but I still miss thailand a bunch; people & food, similan island and Pai :)
I started my life in Los Angeles working in restaurants, retail stores, graphic design, before my passion of body, mind & spirit lead me to the spa industry. I have been working as a skin care therapist since 1999. I have been working on over a thousand faces and have seen all different skin types, conditions and problems. I just want to share the info about skin care and some really good products that being used in the professional level to improve the health of our skin including my long time favorite organic skin care line "Eminence" from Hungary.
Thank you for stopping by :)

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