Today is a day.

Honey, today is the day I've invited you to my friend's wedding.
Honey, I feel so numb when she called me and confirmed 2 seats for me.
Honey, I've tried my very best to get up this morning and decided to go there without you.
As I did accept her invitation since over 2 months ago.

this word used to be so scary for me.
it was the last thing in the world I'd ask for.
But when you are a better half of my life
these 2 words......for me gradually change.

I always dream of our wedding at the beach or the tiny cute green garden somewhere with a few guests.
I've never told you lots of my dream about our near future life.

I'd really want to stop bother you, stop sending you sms.
I'd really want to disappear from your life....
I really do.
Only I can't.
Even, not to think of you .... I can't stand doing that.
You have been sharing my life for too long for me to cut you out.

I do know that I'm screwing up.
I should leave you alone.
But.....I can't.
I want to show you my intention, my trying.....
I want you to know how important you are for me.
Keep sending you sms and updating my blog are the only two ways I can express my feeling, though you've never read them.

Am I wrong to still love you?
Am I wrong to keep trying?
Am I wrong to wish you back?
I'm sorry I love you.

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