Have the most exclusive dining experience as Michelin chefs weave magic with Brand’s genuine Bird’s

The epitome of Michelin Stars

Have the most exclusive dining experience as Michelin chefs weave magic with Brand’s genuine Bird’s Nest

The media hype surrounding the famed Michelin Stars hit boiling point in Thailand at the end of the last year when the Michelin Guide conducted a survey to select and award its prestigious stars to restaurants in this country. It is always difficult to collect scores and dine on fine food cooked by Michelin star chefs because you would need to have a 5-figure dining budget as well as the time and money to fly across the ocean for a seat at Michelin Star restaurants. And it isn’t just money or time – you will also need to make reservations well in advance. Not until now: Welcome to The FINE NEST event featuring Michelin Star chefs cooking up exquisite dishes using Brand’s genuine Bird’s Nest supplement.

We were shocked: “Is this possible?” we asked.

This is not an insult to the Brand’s team, but if they could make it, we would give them our respect by all means.

Indeed, Brand’s has been rated by Michelin chefs as a world-class food supplement. They are confident and believe in the supplement’s high quality, so they want to share their exclusive experiences.

1.Managing customer experience:

Brand’s understands that our customers who share a bond regularly drinking Brand’s genuine Bird’s Nest are a group of people who are meticulous, health conscious and keen to look youthful. So we decided to create touch-point marketing, communicating directly through the most exclusive experience that few can achieve – which is bringing together top Michelin Star chefs like Vicky Cheng (from Hong Kong, the recipient of the first Michelin Star – SCMP Top 100 Tables and CNN Hong Kong’s Best New Restaurants; Andy Yang (Thai chef from Rhong Tiam restaurant in New York) and Lanshu Chen (from Taiwan, Asia’s Best Female Chef). These three Michelin chefs will come to Bangkok just to create extra special dishes with the main ingredient being Brand’s genuine Bird’s Nest whose quality all these chefs are entirely confident in. Believe us, you won’t find these dishes anywhere in this life.

2.Let consumers speak:

Brand’s genuine Bird’s Nest has already spoken about the 150 special selection procedures it painstakingly undertook and would now like to pass on the task to each Michelin Star chef to explain the top quality of the raw material and create a special menu. Each of them have been drinking Brand’s from young, having been brought up with Brand’s Bird’s Nest, which has always found a place in their fridges. Lanshu Chen, the only female chef among this distinguished trio, said she started drinking Brand’s genuine Bird’s Nest three years ago and found it greatly transformed her body. It is the pure “energy of life,” she stated.

It’s no accident that these chefs are coming together at Brand’s Fine Nest event. They are in fact proud to become spokespersons of the brand, speaking of the benefits inherent in Brand’s genuine Bird’s Nest. After all, they are confident in its world-standard quality. They are equipped and adept at turning Brand’s Bird’s Nest into world-class dishes.

If you are interested in gaining one of the most exclusive experiences in food and supplements, don’t miss the world’s first-ever FINE NEST event featuring Michelin Star chefs using Brand’s genuine Bird’s Nest. For more details, please visit the Brand’s World Facebook page and you are bound to experience something highly exclusive with us. Are you ready?!

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