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Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery If you are talking about plastic surgery, then you have to put Joan Rivers on the list. She is one of the best comedians on her age, the best businesswomen until this time, a great host, and also a woman with a lot of plastic surgery.
Joan Rivers plastic surgery is considerably crazy for a woman like her. She had her first surgery before the end of 80s, the time when plastic surgery is something that many people scare to do, even when they know that this might be able to give them a better facial.

Her firs plastic surgeon makes her chin looks pointier. In the next five years, she also change the look of her nose because of the plastic surgery to make the nose looks thinner. A few years later, she also did some other plastic surgery to make her looks for younger than her actual age. Joan Rivers plastic surgery is not stopping there.
Even in the age of 60 or around the 2010, she still did many plastic surgery to make her looks younger. We can see it from the tight face that she had time to time. As an addition, in some occasions she even stated that the youth is something that you need in this industry, which indirectly mean that she will do anything to stay young.
Joan Rivers plastic surgery is done every twice a week. This is one fact that only few people know about Joan Rivers. On one occasion, she personally stated that all of this time she had done more than 700 times of plastic surgery in her life by spending more than eighty thousand US dollars. One thing is for sure, your face in a total danger if you have done this much plastic surgery for the face. Therefore, you should be careful.

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The New York Times this week tried to piece together what happened to comedian and TV host Joan Rivers before her death last month at a New York hospital. There are still a lot of questions surrounding the case, the Times noted, but some details have emerged.

Why was Joan Rivers at a clinic?
Her family hasnt released any specifics about the procedure that Rivers was undergoing at the Yorkville Endoscopy clinic, but her spokesman has said that doctors at the Manhattan clinic were working on her vocal cords.

A source told E! News that Rivers, a host of the cable channels Fashion Police show, was undergoing a minor procedure.

They were putting a scope down her throat to check her vocal cords, the source told E!. She stopped breathing.

A friend who had a lovely, festive dinner with Rivers the night before she went to the clinic said the 81-year-old Rivers described it as a a little procedure and didnt seem alarmed, according to the Times report.

She laughed it off, her friend, Jay Redack, told the paper. It was a thing like shed go in for plastic surgery, not something that had been of any concern to her.

So what went wrong?
Thats still unclear.

The New York Daily News on Tuesday reported that Riverss condition deteriorated when a doctor tried to perform a biopsy on her vocal cords, which was not part of the days original medical plan.

A biopsy like that should only be done in a hospital setting, the source told the paper.

Yorkville Endoscopy has denied that procedure happened, however. the Daily News on Wednesday reported that the facility pushed back on their report, and also said Rivers wouldnt have been under general anesthesia, which the paper had also reported.

General anesthesia has never been administered at Yorkville Endoscopy, the clinic said in a statement. The type of sedation used at Yorkville Endoscopy is monitored anesthesia care. Our anesthesiologists utilize light to moderate sedation. According to the Daily News, the clinic did not mention Rivers by name in its statement, citing confidentiality rules.

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