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ชมใบไม้สวยๆกันที่ไหนดี ไม่ไกลนิวยอร์ก

จขบ. ชอบหน้าใบไม้เปลี่ยนสีมาก อากาศเย็นแต่ไม่ถึงกับหนาวมาก
ใบไม้เริ่มเปลียนสีอ่อนๆ จนเป็นสีเข้ม และค่อยร่วง

If you live in New York City—even if you're just passing through—you're probably clamoring for a way to escape the urban jungle and breathe some fresh air on weekends. There's no better time to head upstate than the fall, when drives through Hudson Valley, the Adirondacks, the Catskills, and up to the Finger Lakes have never been more scenic. Plan your Instagramming with a little help from this interactive fall foliage map and our picks (with a little help from I Love NY) of some of the most beautiful spots to see fall foliage in New York state this year

Thousand Islands-Seaway ชมอาทิตย์ที่สองของเดือนตุลาคม
Head way north to Scenic View Park in Alexandria Bay, which overlooks the islands—and lavish homes—of Millionaire’s Row. The excellent vantage point of the famed Boldt Castle is a particular perk. Originally a private mansion built by the general manager of NYC's Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, the castle is one of the major attractions in the region today.
Peak foliage: Second week of October

Capital-Saratoga Region ชมใบไม้เปลี่ยนสีอาทิตย์ที่สองและที่สามเดือนตุลาคม
Near Albany and Saratoga Springs, the scenic overlook at John Boyd Thacher State Park in Voorheesville offers stunning views of the Hudson-Mohawk lowlands, including the southern Adirondacks. The park has more than 100 camping sites, so go ahead and make a weekend out of it. (Note: Route 157 will be closed until Nov. 27, but visitors can still reach the park via alternate routes.)

Peak foliage: Second and third week of October

Watch Fall Foliage in Hudson Valley, New York

Fall Foliage in Hudson Valley, New York

There are many ways to experience the wonder of changing leaves in New York’s Hudson Valley—river cruises, road trips, bike excursions. But take to the sky for a bird’s-eye view of this National Heritage Area, and leaf-peeping is elevated to a whole new level.

Finger Lakes ชมใบไม้เปลี่ยนสี อาทิตย์และที่สามเดือนตุลาคม
It may not be ski season (...yet), but the chairlifts at Bristol Mountain Ski Resort, about 30 miles southwest of Rochester, provide a terrific view of the valleys all year round. As an added bonus, you can always sip some crazy good wine if the weather gets too chilly.
Peak foliage: Second and third week of October

Central New York ชมใบไม้เปลี่ยนสีอาทิตย์ที่สองและที่สามเดือนตุลาคม
The name may make you smile, but the views will make you gasp: Vroman’s Nose, off Route 30 near Middleburgh, offers a short uphill hike and breathtaking views of Schoharie Valley and the northern Catskill Mountains.

Peak foliage: Second and third week of October

Greater Niagara ชมใบไม้เปลี่ยนสี อาทิตย์ทีสองและที่สามเดือนตุลาคม
Sure, we've all heard of Niagara Falls, but the region also has some serious fall foliage game. Devil’s Hole State Park and Whirlpool State Park both offer several miles of panoramic views of the scenic Lower Niagara River gorge, while nearby Letchworth State Park has been dubbed "the Grand Canyon of the East."

Peak foliage: Second and third week of October

Chautauqua-Allegheny ชมใบไม้เปลี่ยนสี อาทิตย์ที่สองและที่สามเดือนตุลาคม
Leaf-peepers, plug this into your GPS and never look back: Allegany State Park (Exit 21 off Route 86) offers a notable lake view featuring spectacular fall foliage. There is also an overlook pull-off on the road into the park with photo opps of the valley and the city of Salamanca.
Peak foliage: Second and third week of October

Long Island ชมใบไม้เปลี่ยนสี อาทิตย์ที่สองและที่สี่เดือนตุลาคม
Planting Fields Arboretum is a 409-acre former estate comprised of greenhouses, rolling lawns, formal gardens, woodland paths, and marked plant collections. Here you’ll find maples, dogwoods, tupelos, and the famed golden larch. In other words? Leaves, leaves, leaves.
Peak foliage: Second through fourth weeks of October

Hudson Valley ชมใบไม้เปลี่ยนสีอาทิตย์ที่สองและที่สามเดือนตุลาคม
If you're up for a little exercise and fresh air, grab your favorite pair of boots and head out to the area around New Paltz in the Hudson Valley. Climb up to Skytop Tower at Lake Mohonk (off Route 299), where you'll be able to see reds, oranges, and yellows spreading out over not one, but six states.
Peak foliage: Second and third week of October

Catskills ชมใบไม้เปลี่ยนสี อาทิตย์สามเดือนตุลาคม
Take Route 23A to the hamlet of Haines Falls, where you'll find the highest cascades in New York state—Kaaterskill Falls. A network of hiking trails (of varying degrees of difficulty) provide a number of lookout points over the Hudson Valley.
Peak foliage: Third week of October



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