˹ѧ/˹ѧ THE COFFEE MEMORY .. Dying : Maximilian Hecker
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ŧ : Dying ŻԹ Maximilian Hecker

ǤԴ : ѡ͹ѺΌ ͧ ͹ѹѹҡ ѹ͹ ѡҡ仡͡ѹ ͡Ҩҡͧӡѹҧդس ѹ͡ҡԹ سҹ鹡١ŧ ѡҡԹ¹觷է ῡ繢 ˹ѡͧѡҡԹѡ ͹Ѻῷ鹶¨¹Ѻ˹ѡᵡ

Ѻ short dance film á ͧͺسҧѺͺǢͧͧ о·ҤͧԴ ͷͧԴ ִ iMac ͧ

ТͺسҧѺ "ä" 繤ͧзԴ繧ҹ鹹 ѡҡԹ价ѹ ԵҾ ҧ㹷ش

Music : Dying by Maximilian Hecker. (I so love this music)

Concept behind : It is about too much love for someone. For me, love is like a coffee. Its aroma is so charming but too much coffee put together will give out very bad odor. Too much love also results in bad situation. When espresso comes out of the machine, its crema makes it valuable, but if too much espresso comes out, like too much love, it will not lead to any good thing. Precious espresso turns out to be waste. Weight of too much love will destroy the relationship like too much coffee that breaks the glass.

I am a dancer who just tried to make a dance film. I have no knowledge about film making. I just used the feeling how it should be like and then searched on the internet for some technical things. This video was filmed in the squash court at my condo. I borrowed my father's video camera and tried putting the video camera and my Canon camera in various spots to see how the image look like and asked my sister and my brother-in-law to help me record. I borrowed my sister's small coffee machine and use my barista knowledge (I was a barista for more than a year) to make a coffee. I recorded when I pour milk and sugar into the coffee by iPhone 4. I adapted many blue yoga mats (I teach yoga so I've got a lot of yoga mats) to make a (simple) blue screen. And I used my mother's mac pc for making all the stuff.

So thanks to my family for helping.
and thanks to 'someone' for being the source of inspiration.
Too much love I had for you had already killed our good friendship ...the precious one...
So goodbye my best friend.
It's sad but
If one day people ask
how important you are to me,
I'll tell them,
you are just a stain of coffee
on my worn-out shirt.

The Coffee Memory 2013

performer and choreographer : Mimie Tav
videographers : Ling Blucake, Twelve Dozen, and Mimie Tav
editor : Mimie Tav
music : Dying by Maximilian Hecker

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