life is suck.
Life is suck.
Fortunately, it's short.

Wham!! and everything is gone.
Even your soul.

I have been watching news for 2 days.
My thrill for being in the field with friends has been wakened from the three-year hibernate.

I am craving for excitement, anxieties, uncertainties of news reporting.

I had been a reporter for too long.
It's in my skin and spirit.

Several overseas calls aksed whether I can work for them in Phuket.
I bit my tongue and said no..
That's not what I do for a living anymore.
I quit the adventurous job to be at home sitting in front of my computer more than 12 hours aday and begin the other journey.

Two roads diverge in the yellow wood.
I wonder whether I can take back the road that I left.

Can I take my other life back?
or even better....
Can I have both?

What am I doing?.....
Whom I want to be known as when I am forever gone?
The answers are crystal clear.

Whom do I deceive?
Me. Me. Me. Me

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Seems to me like you're missing the other journey, aren't you?

Somehow I believe there's always an alternative, we just haven't thought about it.

PS. hey, i like your style - writing i mean :-)
โดย: trifle วันที่: 28 ธันวาคม 2547 เวลา:22:49:28 น.
my blog has changed to //

โดย: trifle (trifle ) วันที่: 29 ธันวาคม 2547 เวลา:17:15:01 น.
Thanks for your compliment.
โดย: dahachada (ดาหาชาดา ) วันที่: 30 ธันวาคม 2547 เวลา:10:15:57 น.
have fun with Phuket ^^ take care
โดย: trifle วันที่: 30 ธันวาคม 2547 เวลา:14:55:31 น.
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