Hanoi & Halong Bay - - World Heritage

visit Vietnam, got to try PHO (เฝอ), their local noodles

look at their seasoning, they use ส้มจี๊ด for the sour taste. everything is fresh.

This is where we stayed in HALONG BAY. It's a new hotel (in 2005).

ready to take off

farmer's cap

it's the boat we're on. just realised that it's 2 stars

It's what they say, "Vietnamese' Guilin"

their way of life

similar to our floating market

where they sell fresh seafood

look at the food they served on a "2 star" boat. not bad at all, wasn't it?

and this is for 2 people only.

another angle of the boat

it's a half day trip which was good enough. The whole day or an over night trip would be too long. Nothing much to see, really.

On the way from Halong to Hanoi, we stopped by a handycraft centre, all made by handicapped people.

the market in HANOI

ทะเลสาปคืนดาบ The Legendary Tortoise

Interesting local vietnamese food. They served the rice noodles with melted shrimp paste and fresh local vegetables. The main dish was fish fried in tumeric oil. Yummy and Healthy!!

The name of the restuarant.

Another "Must See" attraction, water puppet show.

This is the hotel in Hanoi. It was previously some prince's residence. Unique!

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