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ProShow 5 ออกมาใหม่ 17ม.ค.2012

Using 3D Tilt Effects in ProShow 5
January 17

One of the coolest new features in ProShow 5 is 3D Tilt. You can now grab a layer and horizontally or vertically tilt it 360 degrees. It’s a great way to add a new dimension of reality to your photos and videos and it’s really easy to use.

Plus, ProShow 5 comes with tons of new 3D slide styles and transitions. You’ll find the 3D effects under the ‘3D Motion’ categories in your Slide Styles and Transition libraries.

Watch the video below to see how 3D tilt works and how to create your own 3D tilt effects! We’ve also released a step-by-step training video showing you how to create a 3D tilt effect with multiple keyframes in ProShow Producer 5. Click here to view!

All New ProShow 5 Released
January 17

It’s here! We’ve just released ProShow 5, the latest and greatest version of our award-winning slideshow software. Watch the video above to see a glimpse of what’s new and visit our website to see all the new features in ProShow 5.

ProShow 5 includes hundreds of exciting new features, updates and changes that you’re going to love! New 3D tilt effects, redesigned UI with big, beautiful previews, GPU acceleration for increased performance, tons of new built-in slide styles and transitions, a new, improved wizard and much more!

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