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I've been accredited as a Thai to English professional translator by NAATI, Australia in September 2011, I have received far more enquiries on translation of visa documents.

Visa documents normally include ID cards, birth certificates, military exemption certificates, marriage certificates, house registration documents, eligibility to marry certificates, divorce orders and change of name certificates.

Translation of visa documents is not complex as translators can find templates of translation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) website ( under the Consular Services tab. This means applicants can download the templates for use as a basis for translation of their personal documents and then submit them to the MFA for legalization (to confirm the correct translation). Then the translation is ready for use in any overseas country.

In relation to visa documents to be submitted to the Australian Embassy or any units of the Australian government, all translation must be done and certified by a NAATI-accredited translator. 

At present, there are three NAATI-accredited translators in Thailand. I think I was the first person in Thailand that received this accreditation (guessing from the accreditation number).  I am the only Thailand-based translator that holds accreditation for both English to Thai and Thai to English.  I am also a sworn translator for the Thai government under a licence issued by Thailand Court of Justice, requiring all my work to be of the highest standard.

To ensure the most accurate translation, before proceeding I require a copy of passports or any government documents to confirm that the spelling of my clients name is correct.  In one case, a customer misspelled the name in the email.  Later it was found that the spelling didn't match the passport, leading to the translation being rejected.  Although a translator cannot be held responsible for this, in the interest of the client, it is wise to check details beforehand.

A few months ago, I was doing a translation of a birth certificate for my Japanese customer who married a Thai woman and whose marriage was registered in Australia. The English spelling of the name of the wife's parents, when translated into Thai, was pronounced differently from the Thai spelling that the wife gave me in an email.  In order to make the translation valid, I asked for the wife's house registration to see the Thai spelling of her parents' names in Thai.  Having established the correct name, the problem was quickly overcome.

Had I not asked for additional proof of spelling, what would have happened was that when the couple came to Thailand to register their child here, there was a good chance that the district office would have rejected the translation because they would recognise that the person listed in the translation was not the same person as appeared in other government documents. As an example, if you see Graham Ward and Graeme Ward, you automatically assume that they are different people.

In some cases, customers feel uncomfortable, showing their passports.  In such cases I normally suggest that they hire another translator to perform the work. Working with legal documents since 2000, I endeavour to avoid disputes or re-writes by making certain that everything is in order from the beginning.

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Sawaddee ka. My name is Nat. I am a certified translator. I have been in the translation industry since 2004.

I graduated a master degree in English-Thai translation from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand.

I have the following accreditation:
- NAATI Accreditation for EN < > TH translation (Australia)
- Court Expert Registration for EN < > TH translation (Thailand)
- Member (MCIL), Chartered Institute of Linguists (U.K.)

See details about my services here

For a quick quote, email your document to

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See below my locations:
- Melbourne: 18 Feb - 30 June 2018
(Last update: 15 Feb 2018)

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