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[News] SS501 members reunite at wedding of B2M Entertainment CEO Gil Jong Hwa

SS501 members reunite at wedding of B2M Entertainment CEO Gil Jong Hwa

Source & Image: TVDaily viaNate

Credit : www.allkpop.com

Ҫԡǧ ss501 ǡѹա駷ҹ觧ҹиҹѷ B2M Entertainment

Ҿҡҹ觧ҹͧиҹ ѷ B2M Entertainment ١Դ¼ҹš͹Ź

ҾҹҨҡҹ觧ҹ˹觫觨Ѵѹ 3 ¹ ç Renaissance Hotel 㹡ا
١觻ѹҡ䫷ΌѺͧ Ҫԡ SS501 ͧعժ Pretty Boy.

ͧ 觡͹˹ҹ繼Ѵâͧǧš Fin.K.L ѹʹյҪԡ ԡ繾Ըա
㹧ҹա з ͹ ͧŧ¾Ѻ觧ҹ

ᢡҹѧСͺ仴 ҹ֧͹ 줡 ǧ KARA ᨤͧ ǧ Rainbow
֧ͫ ͧٹ ͧ Ҫԡ SPICA ѧ ͧ᫧, ͹ا, ͧع, Ф ٨
Ҫԡǧ SS501 蹡ѹ

絷Ҿҧ "ҹ觧ҹդѧ" "Һѡй"
"ѹ֡㨷 SS501 ¡ѹա"

ǨͺҡΌ ˹Ҫԡ SS501 ͧŧ Forever Love ͧǧ Fin.K.L 㹧ҹ觧ҹ


B2M EntertainmentCEOGil Jong Hwas wedding photos have been revealed online.

The reception photos from the wedding which took place on April 3rd at the Renaissance Hotel in Seoul were shared viaSS501memberKim Hyung Juns fan page, Pretty Boy.

Gil Jong Hwa was also previously the manager of old-school idol groupFin.K.L, and former memberLee Hyoriserved as the MC of the wedding, whileOck Joo Hyunsang for the new married couple.

Also in attendance wereKARAsHan Seungyeon,Goo Hara,Nicole, andPark Gyuri,RainbowsKim Jae Kyung,Oh Seung Ah,Go Woori,Noel,Jung Yoon Hae,Kim Jisook,Cho Hyung Young,SPICA, as well as SS501 membersHeo Young Saeng,Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Hyung Jun, andKim Kyu Jong.

Netizens who came across the photos remarked, So many celebrities at this wedding, He knows so many people, and Good to see SS501 together again.

Check out a fan cam of the SS501 boys singing Fin.K.Ls Forever Love at the wedding below!


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