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เมษายน 2551
17 เมษายน 2551
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Superman (It's not easy) -----Five for fighting

i cant stand to fly, i'm not that naive
i'm just out to find the better part of me
i'm more than a bird
i'm more than a plane
i'm more than some prettyface beside a train
and it's not eazy to be me
i wish that i could cry
fail upon my knee

find a way to lie about a home i'll never see
it may sound obsurd , but dont be naive
even heroes havethe right to bleed
i may be disturbed, but wont you conceive
even heroes have the right to dream
and it's not eazy... to be me
up ahead , away away from me
well it's all right

you can all sleap sound tonight
i am not crazy or anything

i cant stand to fly , i'm not that naive
men werent meant to ride with clouds between their knees

i'm only a man in a silly red sheet
digging for kriptonite on this one way street
only a man on this one way street
looking for special things inside of me
and it's not eazy
it's not eazy to be me...

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