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I love you I do* รักมากมายพ่อชายในฝัน

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I never met a man
Quite like you
Doing all I can
Making my dreams come true

Your strong and your smart
You've taken my heart
and I give you the rest of me too
You're the perfect man for me
I love you I do

Never ever felt
Quite like this
Could've had myself
From my very first kiss

I'm here when you call
You've got it all
and confidence like I never knew
You're the perfect man for me
I love you I do

You've got the charm
You simply disarm me everytime
As long as you drive
I'm along for the ride
Your way

You said it before
That I won't be a door
That's closed to us
I'm putting all my trust in you
Cause you, you'll always be true


Never could I know
This would be
(ohh) You and you alone (yeah)
All for me

I know you're the best
You passed every test
It's almost too good to be true
You're the perfect man for me
I love you I do

You're the perfect man for me
I love you I do

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