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My precious princess, newborn

To My Arada,

You were born on October 30, 2007 at 10:45pm. Mommy was in the labor for 36hrs but you didn't want to come out. Finally doctor had to take you out via C-section, just in time to avoid the Halloween. You were a big baby; 8.5 lb and 20.5 inch. No wonder why you couldn't come out by yourself. Mommy is only 5' 2''.

Daddy and mommy picked American, Caitlin, and Thai name, Arada, for you. But you were so Asian-looking at first, so we gave you the Thai name instead of Caitlin.

The first thing daddy told mommy when he saw you (by that time mommy hadn't yet) is that you are very cute. Mommy said, every parents think their kids are cute. Until mommy saw you for the first time, I knew that you are the most beautiful thing on earth.

Not only you are beautiful, but you are also a great baby. You are healthy and happy. Your default face is smiling. You make mommy and daddy so happy. You never gave us a hard time. You sleep well, eat well, and poop well :) You do what babies are supposed to do but ealier. You and mommy, we spent 24/7 together for the first two months. It was so nice getting to know you.

After 2 months, mommy got to go back to work. Grandma, Mary-Ann, took care of you. She adored you. Grandma said you has cute personality, which mommy agrees.

Then we went to Thailand when you were four months. You traveled so well. You didn't cry once on the airplane. You make it so easy for mommy and daddy. We had a good time in Thailand, didn't we? You got to meet your relatives and mommy's friends. We went to Koh Chang; that was a memorable time.

We came home. Dadday and mommy got sick. And so were you. But you beat it in two days, while mommy was sick for 2 weeks. You were so awesome.

Everyday we thanks god for you. What have we done to deserve you. We will do everything to make you happy. We will be there for you whenever you need us. We will support you for whatever you'd like to be or do. We will raise you well, for you to be kind and nice to other people, and for you to get the best of everything that you desire. Most importantly, we will raise you to be happy and love life.

Love you most,
Mommy and Daddy


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Wan, I love your blog!
I agree that Arada 's default face is smiling face.
She s really cute.
Miss you as always.

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Thanks for stopping by.

I'm a lot of things but nothing else really matters since Arada's come along. Being the mother to Arada is the greatest thing that's ever happened to me. She is the most beautiful thing in my life. So no wonder why this blog is full with her pictures. Hope you enjoy them.

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