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กรุเพลง ... ๕ : Project PAT

1:11 20/6/2550

Boy, its bout to get real scary up in here
you got the original break the laws up in here for you hos
three 6 mafia, project pat,weak niggaz guard your grills, tuck your chains in
your shirts, its goin down break the law nigga

Break the Law (we aint playin)
Break the Law (we aint playin)
Break the Law (we aint playin, we aint playin, we aint playin)

Verse 1:
we aint playin young nigga, who the fuck is say we playin
we just bout to kill yo ass, and its already planned
to many bullshit niggaz done been off in my click
but i spit them boys out cause they tastin like some shit
i admit my click now is nothin but memphis best
but i had to delete alot of clowns in the process
fuck that shit we keepin the bitches hot
cause we makin the millions and they hands aint in this spot
haters mad on the town cause the niggaz got it made
wanna rap their fuckin songs but these junkies aint get paid
slammin do's pimpin ho's while ya limmiz in a daze
wanna step up in the club ill be glistlin with a glaze
i would let ya hit this crown but you bitches cant behave
i would let you hit this fire but you bitches smokin sage
better catch up with your clan cause you took me from your grave
when a nigga catch ya slippin its the beem in yo face


Verse 2:
see i can hita hita sticka sticka get a nigga fast
im kickin in some doors put a nigga on his ass
and if hes talkin trash ill put him in a bag
a body fuckin bag man i shoulda wore a mask
i stickin stickin move a body body bruise
i break the fuckin law and i aint playin with ya fool
you got an attitude now watch me use my tool
i lock and fuckin load and let the mothafucka loose (BLOOD)
i know this nigga who got punked out after every class
he was a bitch in school and now he told a gun and badge
put on a uniform and now he think hes super bad
man fuck you bitch you still can lay the rest under the grass
i do not give a fuck because you are a officer, ill put you in a cofin sir you
fuckin with a slaughterer
bitch the police dont serve protect they buyin pussy
and projects some niggas pay em off to sell their dope around the city
Breakin laws glockin jaws rip in out and take a taste
you can smell my fuckin nuts while this tone is in yo face
shove the barrel down your throat, inhale bullets like some smoke
im a leave you bitches dead cut a sunroof in yo head
do your stuff and get mugged when i shoot then i peel out
but before that happen im a tear your fuckin grill out
bitch your business down till your covered in your own blood
shoot a couple a rounds momma house aint no fuckin love
anyone ya niggaz wanna get some i got some
blow they fuckin ass off double barrelled shotgun
dont be comin my way, bodies stank like moth balls
swing an iron bat to your head like a golf ball
ride up on your ass then i let the luger speak
im the judge and the jury when i see you in the street
its the project nigga row ready man to kill a ho
put the thang to yo head squeez the trigga let it blow


วันนี้ขุดเอาเพลงสมัยหนุ่มๆมาให้ฟัง แร๊พได้ใจ เมื่อสัก 6-7 ปีก่อนได้
เป็นแรพ แรพมานอนแล้ว สมัยมัธยมฟัง UB40 (อันนี้ออกแนวแรกเก้ ...)

ฮ่าๆ ...

ที่ร้อง ว้ายยยส์ ... แม้น เซย์ ... (เมื่อป้าแม้นเอื้อนเอ่ย ...)

บัท อาย แคน เฮล ฟอลลิ่ง อิ้น เลิฟ วิธ ยู

ไม่ใช่เพิ่งจะมาแรพ แรพนานแล้ว ...

อีกวงนึงที่ตอนนั้นชอบ ... 2PAC แต่แม่ง ...

เบ๊คแค่ม มันชอบด้วยเว้ย ... กูแทบหักแผ่นทิ้งเลยอะ ...

ลิเกตายห่าเบ๊คแค่ม ... ตอนนั้นนะ สมัย บรู๊คคลินเพิ่งเกิดอะ ทูแพ๊ก วงโปรดมัน

ลิเกมั่กๆ ผมยาว ผูกผม ทรงบ้าอะไรไม่รู้ เสร็จถึงใส่ผ้าถุงนั้น (จำได้ไหม )


และที่สำคัญ .......... แม่งเสือกมีคนเลียนแบบอีกอะ ... กูแทบบ้าเลยอะ ....

ดูไอ้นั้นไหม "มือปืนโลกพระจันทร์" อะ ไอ้เต๋า มันมันทำผูกผมใส่ผ้าถุงอะไรเหมือนเบ๊คแค่มเลยอะ

อะโห ... (ตอนใกล้ๆจบอะ)

อ๊ายหย๋า ...

ลิเกได้ใจ ...จริง

แต่หลังๆ กูปรับเปลี่ยนแนวความคิดเว้ย ... แม่ง ไอ้พวกนี้ เมียมันสวยทั้งนั้น

ผู้ชาย แม่งต้องลิเกเว้ย ผู้หญิงชอบ ... (แถมต้องหล่อด้วยไหมว่ะ ... ฮ่าๆ ...)

หลังจากนั้นกูเริ่มลิเกมั่ง ... ฮ่าๆ ...

นี่แหละ เป็นสาเหตุ ให้เลิกฟังทูแพ๊ค ... เพราะไอ้เบ๊กนี่แหละ


แต่เดี๋ยวนี้สงสารมันวะ นักเตะชรา เห็นมันตั้งแต่เด็กๆ เหมือนโตมาด้วยกัน เห็นมันตกอับ

ก็ใจอ่อน .... เห็นใจมันแอบเชียร์มัน ...

เอวัง ~~~

Project Pat - We Ain't Scared Ho Lyrics

We ain't scared h"

We ain't scared ho
We ain't scared ho
We ain't scared ho, naw we ain't scared ho
We ain't scared ho
We ain't scared ho
We ain't scared ho, naw we ain't scared ho
We ain't scared ho
We ain't scared ho
We ain't scared ho, naw we ain't scared ho
We ain't scared ho
We ain't scared ho
We ain't scared ho, naw we ain't scared ho

[Project Pat]
The pain is what, I'll bring it to you dawg
No love for those, who ain't about there hog
The script has flipped and Hypnotized has came
Cause we the crew are rich off in the game
The hood is hard like cotton pickin day
We breakin law just like we bayin slaves
We blaze and ride my mouth it fool of gold's
We sell the snow we also kick in do's
The murder rate increases to the full
The 'dro is passed after I take a pull
I'm hustlin sun up until sun down
A pharmacist wit client out on the town
We wild just like the gorillas in the zoo
If you fo weed then I'ma fuck wit you
Retaliation nigga it's a must
Don't get too close the rugers they will bust


[Project Pat]
I'm the main nigga on these bricks who don't give a fuck
if I had to rob a trick or a armored tuck
Lay it down don't you make a sound or I shall unload
Face the ground fo I buck you down project ain't no hoe
to the rule of society heavy in this shit
slang chan standing on my feet playa I'm da nigga
Who could say when the bullets spray that I won't get hit
that's the change my nigga strapped with extra clip
projo in and come in to blast lookin through the mask
Full of gin question neva ask murder is the task
Poppin lead till I empty the whole magazine
to yo head tryin to chop it off like a guillotine
costing me and you know I cant except a loss
In the M we like to get high and we like to cross
Who's the boss is the man standing round the chock line
Growin old with his wife and kids didn't do time


[Project Pat]
keep a trick and it ain't a hoe know dat I ain't a hoe
pull the triga back aI'm fo dome crush a cantalo upe
kill em by my weaponry
man I got no preferences
nothing but some bullets fo you punks with discrepancy
conflicts bully shit anna and I hateraed
don't be talking crazy to me hoe cause I ain't your bitch
convict busten head with a heart neva scared
quick to pull a chesten o will shoot the fuckin lead
police think they can get some
drunk and strapped with a gun
you can see what I'm bout
they goin to have to take me out
chill nigga keep it chill weak niggas fake the deal
Goin out to goin out to do some shit, hesitation got em kill
Worried bout consequence, worried bout the witnesses
Put a mask on go'n in and do the shit
Tell the nigga chop it off, make the suckas give ya some
Take the goody good, don't just stand there nigga run



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ผู้ชาย...ต้องลิเกเว้ย ผู้หญิงชอบ ... (แถมต้องหล่อด้วยไหมว่ะ ... ฮ่าๆ ...)

เหรอคะ !!!


หลังจากนั้น...เริ่มลิเกมั่ง ... ฮ่าๆ ...


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