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Brand’s Suntory introduces the all-new Brand’s VETA Prune-MatoPlus

     Brand’s Suntory introduces the all-new Brand’s VETA Prune-MatoPlus, prune and tomato essence concentrate for every woman wanting to ooze confidence

Health product answers to every need of new-generation women who take care of their body and complexion

Brand's Suntory (Thailand) Co.,Ltd has registered a new, exciting product, Brand’s Veta Prune – Matoplus, which brings about a synergy of natural nourishment – prune and tomato extracts in a bottle that is a brimful of health benefits. Brand’s Veta Prune – Matoplus is flavorful and refreshing under the concept “Making you feel a pageant tiara is coming your way every day”. This product caters to the endless whims of new-generation women who avidly take care of both their complexion and shape.

The company is also set to introduce brand ambassador teen actress “Proymon” Monsaporn Chanchalerm, who is known for her fascinating, radiant complexion and good figure, keeping with the trend of taking fine care of your body by consuming natural nutrients.

To publicize the health drink, an event called “Your Tiara Day is Coming and Veta Prune – Matoplus” was held recently.

“Insight surveys conducted on young women found they place priority on selecting products that nourish the complexion and keep their figure in shape,” said Ms. Pudtan Pongpattanapaiboon, Marketing Director, Brand’s Suntory (Thailand) Co., Ltd. “They choose products that are convenient to consume and made from natural ingredients as these are safe, help maintain their shapely figure and nourish their skin for a glowing complexion while they ooze confidence. So Brand’s Veta, the market leader of fruit extracts, launched the new product Brand’s Veta Prune – Matoplus, combining the synergy of natural nutrients – a special breed of prune essence concentrate with high fiber, and the health benefits of tomato essence that is rich in high-efficient anti-oxidants. These help nourish the skin through Brand’s special extracting process, Brand’s Double V Essence, patented by Brand’s Veta. The process generates essence concentrate that nourishes both the skin and figure. The extract is savory and enticing to drink as it helps ladies achieve the dream of having their ‘Tiara Day’,” she explained.

Proymon -- Monsaporn Chanchalerm picked as Tiara Day ambassador

The company has introduced rising teen star Proymon as its first Tiara Day ambassador promoting Veta Prune – Matoplus. Proyman is suited perfectly for the role as she is a typical example of an ordinary young woman who has proven that attention to every detail and consistent maintenance of a healthy complexion and figure by drinking Brand’s Veta Prune – Matoplus make her feel each day that a tiara is coming her way. Every woman can have the same experience, feeling so exquisitely beautiful and charming that she deserves a tiara. And this is all so simple: just drink Brand’s Veta Prune – Matoplus every day.

Furthermore, a new movie ad campaign titled “So pretty that a tiara is coming your way” has been launched. The movie stars Proyman as a regular young woman who is treated as if she does not exist. But today she is crowned with a tiara on the beauty throne after drinking Veta Prune – Matroplus every day. Once her complexion and figure are “perfect”, she oozes confidence and aura. Her beauty turns heads and men surrender to her stunning looks because she drinks Veta Prune – Matroplus daily, so in other words a tiara comes her way each day. This ad campaign will start to air simultaneously across the country in October.

THB40 million spent on marketing, creating confidence in women with Veta Prune - Matoplus

The company is spending more than THB40 million to market Brand’s Veta Prune – Matoplus. The money is going towards online and offline advertising and public relations after Brand’s has been focusing more on new and online media to attract consumers, the majority of whom go online. Mainstream media is still being used, from television, radio and out-of-home media, to also communicate with consumers and reach target customers.

The company has also organized the event “Brand’s Veta Prune –Matoplus 21 Days For Women Who Deserve a Tiara”. After drinking Veta Prune – Matoplus, women just need to pose with the bottle and post their pictures for the specified number of days – which is 7, 14 and 21 – and tell us the benefits of Veta Prune – Matoplus that you have experienced. Also, add the hashtag # Veta Prune-Matoplus # Women Who Deserve a Tiara Every Day. Just by doing this, you have the chance to vie for special rewards each week. After posting your pictures three times as required, you are entitled to receive the biggest exclusive reward from Brand’s Veta Prune – Matoplus. You can take part in this fun activity from October 22 to November 25, 2018. Get updates on participating in exciting activities at Brand’s Veta Prune – Matoplus event.

“Brand’s Veta has captured more than 80% of the total fruit extract concentrate market, which is worth around THB2 billion and is expanding at an average growth rate of 2%. The goal of developing healthy products that meet consumer demand makes Brand’s Suntory (Thailand) confident that Brand’s Veta Prune – Matoplus will definitely witness a two-digit growth as targeted,” Ms. Pudtan added.

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