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Best Guard Dog Breeds

Best Guard Dog Breeds

There are many breeds around the world, which were used as guard dogs. These breeds are German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Australia Cattle Dog, Rottweiler, Doberman Pinscher, Schnauzer, Cane Corso, the giants, Bouvier des Flandres, Dutch Shepherd, Beauceron, Boxer, Black Russian Terrier Airedale Terrier, among others. However, not all of these varieties are suitable for the typical home of a dog. Therefore, the Malinois are nervous and tense up. They are prone to behavioral problems and gastrointestinal problems that make it difficult for dog owners treat them as beautiful dogs. The same applies to other breeds used as guard dogs. The breeds are highly specialized and is not recommended if you have a family or if you are new to working with guard dogs.

In general, the Best Guard Dog Breeds are dogs that all properties that are desirable in a body control and can also be a good family dog. These dogs are usually a bit 'more relaxed and calm at home and are a good option for people who are not familiar with agencies. Unless you are having a guard dog in a kennel, you will live with the dog you choose, you must choose a dog with good temperament and other qualities you want in a dog.

Desirable Traits

Look for breeds of guard dogs that have the following characteristics:

• A protective instinct

• Perseverance

• a strong bond with you

• It 's easy to train

• Smart

• Courageous

• A strong desire to work

• quiet home

• Dedicated to the family

Recommended Breeds

Considering all these features into account, the best guard dog breeds for the owners of most of the dogs listed below:

Bullmastiff: loyal, brave, and love their families. They are very protective.

Rottweiler: The Rottweiler is more able to keep your family safe, but the devoted family dogs. Rotties are also very intelligent and easily trained.

Puli: The Puli is very intelligent, loyal and wary of strangers. These are big dogs barking guard and do good. They are very active and have been bred for the sheep. They have a coating of the wire requires little grooming and bathing.

German Shepherd: One of the best races of the world, are also very popular for good reason. A German shepherd trained to protect against everything. The dogs are also loving and devoted family.

Kuvasz: The Kuvasz is another breed that is good for livestock and domestic animals to be protected. They are big, strong and very territorial. They are reserved for foreigners, but they love their families. This breed is very affectionate.


Remember, there are many varieties that can protect, but also live with a dog. When choosing a dog as a guard dog, choosing a dog of good temperament and other characteristics that make a good companion, too, especially if you have a family event.

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