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Bro'Sis - I believe

I belive

You know some people just don't know what I'm talkin about
But I know you understand, 'cause I know you believe

Chorus :
Baby, I believe that you were meant for me
And if there's somebody than baby, I believe
That somebody is you and everything you do
'Cause baby I believe, I believe in you

I walk home alone, waiting by the telephone
All my girlfriends say, give it up, baby give it up
I know that you can see that this is how it`s meant to be
You're my frequency 'cause baby I believe

Come on


Yeah yeah, yes I do
Yes I do

No, they don't understand, dreaming of a master plan
I know that you can't give it up, baby give it up
And it's a simple rule, you don't wanna play it cool
leave me like a fool 'cause I believe in you

Come on (here we go)


One love it's the privacy
I believe it don't came to the past ,it don't came to me
'Cause and if we swore one and one is two
Yeah, I believe in you

If I believe in you
And it seams so real
Can't you come to me
Hold me closer for eternity, I believe

And it seems so real


I walk through the world and I see it all
I never look down in case of the fall
I'm off the wall and I still believe, yeah


Yes I do, yes I do
I believe in you


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