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Me and My (Trader) Joe's!

Apparently, Trader Joe’s has become my favorite household name. Whatever it is beef flank steak or biodegradable dishwashing liquid, I conspire with Trader Joe’s.

Here are 10 reasons why I love Trader Joe’s.

1. The unique selection of products. Imagine buying almond butter, chocolate-covered endamame or vodka pasta sauce at any other grocery store?

2. The BYOB (bring your own bag) raffle ticket. Bring your own grocery bag and get a raffle ticket. You can win $25 gift card in the weekly drawing.

3. The friendly staff wearing Aloha shirts. I can afford an island getaway 2 miles from my house. Hmm, not bad.

4. The newsletter. It’s the only black and white newsletter that gets me interested in the products. I have to admit it’s my bedside read when I get bored.

5. The words ‘Organic’, ‘Fair Trade’, ‘European’, ‘Imported from…’

6. The price is right. Since they source products without middlemen, you get great quality products with reasonable price.

7. The sampling platter. I always find something new and tasty to sample while shopping there.

8. The great finds. It’s like finding hidden trinkets shopping at Trader Joe’s. My recent find was Trander Joe-san matcha latte powder.

9. The best selection of nuts and dried fruits. Freeze-dried mangosteen, rambutan, mangoes, orange-flavor cranberries, dried whole white peaches, macadamia nuts, pumpkin seeds. Need I say more?

10. The mini garden. Those fresh-cut flowers greet you when you enter the store. Did I tell you I got my miniature X’mas tree from Trader Joe’s? Miniature X'mas tree

Wait a minute, I gotta go back to TJ's for my toothpaste!

Trader Joe’s website <--- Official site
Tracking Trader Joe’s
Trader Joe’s Fan Site <---Yep, a grocery store with a fan site!

Stay tuned!
I'm to update my favorite TJ products!


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What about 'Whole Food'?

But I guess you still prefer TJ? I think TJ is more hipped and WF is hiso kinda place ;p or not?


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