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พฤศจิกายน 2549
22 พฤศจิกายน 2549
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Cannibal Corpse Live in Sydney

What: Cannibal Corpse Live in Sydney
When: SUN 08/10/2006
Where: The Gaelic Club, Sydney, Australia

We see them coming a mile away
Gathered to kill on the desolate plain
No fear in our minds
Pure hate in our hearts

Miscalculation of our strength their bane
Take us lightly and we'll make you pay
Pride left them defenseless
No Mercy for Hubris

( solo: Pat O'Brien )

They rush to fight us and we stand and wait
Pulses quicken as they take the bait
Mere seconds to the slaughter
We can wait no longer

Closing fast with their weapons high
Still believing it's we that will die
Now the ambush is sprung
Now they learn that they were wrong
Now the killing will start
Tear the bastards apart

They thought it would be easy but now they're being crushed
Arrogance of power leaves them dying in their blood

There will be no mercy for these filthy sons of whores
The innards of my enemys impaled upon my sword
Many years we've waited for this final day of slaughter

Our victims are decapitated, their limbs are torn asunder
Careful preparation brought our haughty victims down
Our forces are at full strength and the Time To Kill Is Now.

Time To Kill Is Now

Time To Kill

They are all dead, it's their end today
All lost their lives in tremendous pain
Not one has survived
We Left None Alive

Do not doubt our conviction to kill
Hate on our side we will never fail
Now the killing will start
Tear the bastards apart
Strike the enemy down
The Time To Kill is Motherfucking Now


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