Daddy to you

The pregnancy was a strange time. Every day I would come home from work to feel the belly, hoping for a movement. Looking for changes and watching the centerline grow.

The first months showed nothing much. I knew something was there, but could not see or touch it. Mummy speaks about things I can not understand, because it is not me feeling it. She would sometimes be frustrated, thinking that I felt nothing. But I really didn?t know what to feel, until I would feel the movement inside. That is when it became more real to me.
It is one thing to see mummy getting fat; and another thing to feel the movement inside her belly. There was competition in seeing who could eat the most. I?m not sure if I ever won. I know I could not keep up with the farting! Smiley

The hospital / midwife visits were interesting. The first time we heard Fuzzy's heart was amazing; so fast. But I guess ours got faster too.

The ultrasound was an experience. Mummy was carrying an alien. The tiny feet and hands and nose. Even the way she hid her private bits, so we couldn't be 100% sure of a girl.

I had a name picked quite early. I think I wanted a girl, because I had never chosen a boys name. Daddy's little princess was always going to be
Grace .
It is a princess name, after all. Although when she is covered in poop and screaming, I wonder if all princesses started out like this... Smiley

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