Where is my dream?
Scientific heart and emotional brain

My long journey began with almost scientific approach. I like it supreamly but i don't know its reality and trush it as the tools for solving problems. Sometimes, people say that not everything is scientific approach but you can feel something by heart and deeper emotion. I can feel that too and follow it until it disappears through time. Anyways, i like science because i feel more stable. But the truth is everything in me is not sciencentific and they say in different perception. I cannot ignore that thruth. The answer for me is perhaps doing everything for stableness but not hardness; having eyes to see, ears to hear, hands to touch, and heart to pump my blood to my brain for survival. I don't know heart control brain or brain control heart or that relation will be give and take sometimes for balance.

I try to write in english because it is easier or quicker way for me to type than in Thai words and i want to improve my skill of writing for my study. Anyways, i always love Thailand and be Thai anytime.

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I love my mom, music and dog.
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