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pattern designed by: Tamie Snow

M a t e r i a l s
Bernat Cotton Tots Yarn in colors of your choice

in these directions the colors are as follows

Color A-Yellow

Color B-White

Color C-Blue

G hook.

D i r e c t i o n s

(this project is worked in rounds)

With Color A

-Ch 17, sl st in first chain to form ring

-Ch 3 (counts as 1st DC) DC in each chain around 15 DCs total including the ch 3, sl st in top of ch 3


-Finish off


With Color C

-join yarn with SC between any two dcs

-sc in next 4 sp (5 SCs total)

-Ch1 turn

-5 SC

-Ch1 turn

-SC2tog, sc across (3 SCs)

-Ch1 turn


-Finish off

With Color B

-join with sc on color A section

Round 1-sc around color A and C sections

repeat 2 rounds

Round 4-*7 sc, SC2tog twice* repeat from * around

Round 5-*5 sc, SC2tog once* repeat from * around

Round 6-*3 sc, SC2tog once* repeat from * around

-Finish off leaving a long tail for sewing up seam.

-sew up seam
With Color C

-SC in between any two DCs on bottom of Color A section.

-SC in between each DC until all the way round...17 SCs, sl st in first sc.

-Ch 1 (counts as first sc) *sc in first 2 SCs, ch 3 to form picot and slip stitch in same space* repeat from * around, sl sp in first sc

-Finish off.

To make ties:

Using Color B

CH 75, finish off

weave chain in the color A section around to form tie.

Weave in all ends

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