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Deep-fried Pork Patties

Fried Chicken in Pandanus Leaves

BBQ pork with paper rice

Fried Shrimp with Sugar Cane

Dried Serrt & Salted Flack with Water Melon

Deep fried spring rolls

Pork Satay

Crispy Rice Vermicelli

Stir fried sweet herb served with Chinese kale

Thai (Scotch) Eggs

Steamed sago with pork filling

Rice CracKer with Flossy Pork

Leaf-Wrapped Bite-Size Appetizer

Fish Balls

Roasted Pork with Cha Plu Leaves

Deep fried rice croquet and sour preserved pork

Spicy Thai Corn Cake

Fried Fish Cakes

Ballerina mushroom

Deep Fried Wanton

fried bean curd with pork

Fried bean curd with pork

Makerel With herbals and Spicy Sauce

Pork Toast

Crispy rice with pork and shrimp in coconut pastry

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