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>> Jonas Erik Altberg
Born : 22 December 1984 in Halmstad, Sweden,
Better known by the pseudonym Basshunter, is a Swedish producer and singer-songwriter.
Jonas Erik Altberg describes his style of music as Eurodance;
His earlier music is better described as dance music.[
He competed in Celebrity Big Brother 2010 (UK), during January 2010 in the United Kingdom

>> He lived with his parents and younger brother near Tylösand.
He started to produce music under the stage name "Basshunter" in 2002
with the computer program Fruity Loops, and released his first albums,
The Old Shit (2002) and The Bassmachine (2004), through his own web site,
and began working as a DJ. In April 2006, he signed with Warner Music,
releasing his first single, "Boten Anna". In Scandinavia,
the song became a hit instantly and was the first ever Swedish language song
to reach number one on the Dutch Top 40 Chart.

>> In 2007, Altberg released a recording titled "Now You're Gone",
featuring entirely rewritten lyrics to appeal to a foreign market.
The song charted at number one on the UK Singles Chart and stayed there for 4 weeks.

>> Throughout 2007 Basshunter worked on a new album, Now You're Gone: The Album,
which was released in July 2008. Five singles were released from this album
(Now You're Gone, All I Ever Wanted, Angel in the Night, I Miss You, and Walk on Water).

>> Basshunter is one of the latest contestants in Celebrity Big Brother (UK)
and entered the house on the 3rd January 2010

>> His fifth studio album, Bass Generation, was announced on 1 July 2009
on the Hard2Beat website and was released on 28 September 2009.
The new album is called Bass Generation, with its lead single being Every Morning.

Simple track of BASSHUNTER >>

BASSHUNTER - Now You're Gone

BASSHUNTER - Angel In The Night

BASSHUNTER : All I Ever Wanted

BASSHUNTER - Walk On Water (Official UK Version)

BASSHUNTER Feat. Patrik & Lillen - Vifta Med Händerna

BASSHUNTER - Welcome To Rainbow [Hardstyle Mix]

BASSHUNTER - Welcome to Rainbow

BASSHUNTER - Jingle Bells

BASSHUNTER - Please Don't Go

BASSHUNTER - Beer In The Bar

BASSHUNTER - Every Morning (UK Official Version)

BASSHUNTER - Professional Party People

BASSHUNTER - Bass Creator



Pictures of BASSHUNTER >>

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I love his songs


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