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X-Man X맨

From my blog's title, are you thinking I'm going to talk about the movie X-Man 3? Hahaha~ you are wrong ne...

Today & tomorrow, I'm gonna introduce 2 korean variety gameshow - X-Man(X맨) and Love Letter(리얼 로망스 연애편지).

How does the game works for X-Man? Well~ at the start of the show, the hosts will introduce all guest artistes followed by a introduction dance from each guest artist. After this, all guest artistes will receive a phone call from the PD personnel informing them whether are they 'X-Man' or not.

Duties of the chosen guest artist to be X-Man will have to disrupt the game by being the trouble-maker of the group, preventing them to complete each game segment successfully. But at the same time, he/she must hide this identity from the rest of the guest artistes.

I like this variety gameshow a lot, it brought me lots of laughters. So if you are feeling down, you can check out this variety gameshow. *P/S: There are quite a number of 'love story scandals/rumours/gossip' that evolve from this show. But overall~ good! *

X-Man 1 Year Anniversary

Hyesung & Andy's sexy dance in X-Man

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I sometimes don't like to watch a thing thru computer screen. But anyway, as yu introduced it to me yesterday. I already watched this cool show!

โดย: MOMO วันที่: 24 เมษายน 2549 เวลา:12:16:04 น.  

Heyheyhey MOMO~

oh I see... gomen ne~ becoz I don't have program to convert computer files to vcd/dvd files, so I will only be able to send you computer viewing files.

Do you like it? has a lot of this program but quite a few are without subtitles. But although they are without subtitles, I think it's still easy to understand ne

โดย: ino (yumegokochi ) วันที่: 24 เมษายน 2549 เวลา:12:27:39 น.  

To all reading my blog...

Sorrie~ there's problem with my url linkage to X-Man & Love Letter.

Here's the correct url link:
X-Man ---> // t v
Love Letter ---> // t v

โดย: ino (yumegokochi ) วันที่: 24 เมษายน 2549 เวลา:12:31:10 น.  


โดย: Zantha วันที่: 24 เมษายน 2549 เวลา:14:05:44 น.  

X-Man is hot variety.I download manytime this gameshow from clubbox.I think as the same's cool show

โดย: โจเซฟิน วันที่: 24 เมษายน 2549 เวลา:21:19:27 น.  

Hi Zantha,

Thanks for coming

โดย: ino (yumegokochi ) วันที่: 25 เมษายน 2549 เวลา:10:18:16 น.  

Really? I like the competition they had in 2005, more than 2004... many ppl I like were in each episode.

Do you watch Realtime Saturday/Romance : LOVE LETTER? Later I'll introduce, it's cool too.

โดย: ino (yumegokochi ) วันที่: 25 เมษายน 2549 เวลา:10:22:02 น.  

No,i don't (to watch the LOVE LETTER) it's cool, isn't it ? thanks for introduce MOMO & I hee hee anyway thanks for say hi me on my blog.I think my blog not ban you anymore ne.

โดย: โจเซฟิน วันที่: 25 เมษายน 2549 เวลา:12:26:08 น.  

My connection is slow, can't watch now. Y_Y

โดย: Deliver วันที่: 25 เมษายน 2549 เวลา:16:14:26 น.  

Hi Jo~ try preview this variety. It's good.

Thanx~ I saw my message appeared too.

โดย: ino (yumegokochi ) วันที่: 25 เมษายน 2549 เวลา:23:57:50 น.  

Tan, I'll be sending a few eps for you & MOMO to preview. But you may need to find subts, if not, you will have to try to understand from pictures.

โดย: ino (yumegokochi ) วันที่: 26 เมษายน 2549 เวลา:0:00:02 น.  

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