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Boy'Z - 死性不改 (Stubborn)

Previously dined at a Hong Kong style restaurant with my friend for a few times & all the times we were there, we definitely hear a song by a group of guys singing. I like the song, so I did a search for quite a while to check out what song is that & who sang it actually.

Finally found out that, the song is called 死性不改 (Stubborn), performed by Boy'Z. Then after going through the lyrics... it's actually a kindda sad song... *sigh~ am I really that ballad?* Anyway, here'z the song to share with everyone. I'll get the translation up soon.

Boy'Z - 死性不改

K:再見了我的寵愛 誰願接受這種意外
你讚我天生可愛 不願看著我離開
同伴也話我傻 喜歡受挫

怎奈你最夠刺激我 凡事也治倒我
幾多黑心的教唆 我亦捱得過
來煽風來點火 就擊倒我麼

誰戀愛就多障礙 死性我不想改
如我沒有你的愛 我沒法活得來
情人的存在 是我從來都志在

S:我怕可一不可再 難道你被愛都有害
我确確信天真不會錯 威力會移山填海
B:同伴也話我傻 喜歡受挫

# 人天生根本都不可以 愛死身邊的一個
怎奈你最夠刺激我 凡事也治倒我
幾多黑心的教唆 我亦捱得過
來煽風來點火 就擊倒我麼

誰戀愛就多障礙 死性我不想改
如我沒有你的愛 我沒法活得來
情人的存在 是我從來都志在
Repeat #

Boy'Z & Twins - 死性不改

Name: Steven Cheung
Chinese Name : 張致恆
Birthday: November 10, 1984
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Nationality: Half Chinese & half Dutch
Hobbies: Swimming, Singing, Dancing
Label: Emperor Entertainment Group

Name: Kenny Kwan
Chinese Name : 關智斌
Birthday: December 30, 1980
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 61 kg
Nationality: Born in The Philippines, grew up in Hong Kong
Hobbies: Reading, Singing, Swimming, Playing Squash
Label: Emperor Entertainment Group

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Happy Valentine's Day to all!!

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