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Taking Care of Your Emotional Support Dog Pup


People who have applied for Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) often find dogs to be perfect emotional support partners. Upon being allowed by an authorized and licensed mental health therapist to have an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) many like to adopt or bring home a dog pup to be their support animal. The idea behind is that while growing up the pup can have a stronger bond with the person in need of emotional support. Another reason for it is also that the ESA dog pup can be specifically trained and taken care of to be a suitable Emotional Support Animal by the pet parent him/herself.  If you have a dog you should know about emotional support dog certification.



From the perspective of the person needing emotional support, the perfect emotional support dog should have the following characteristics:

  • It should be calm and collective in social environments and should adapt itself to new environments.
  • It should be a social animal: good with other people and other animals as well. 
  • It should be obedient and under the control of its human companion at all times.
  • It should be able to judge the emotional state of its companion and support him/her during the time. 
  • It should be mentally stimulated and physically fit (the pet owner has to make sure of this). If you have ESA you have a support animal letter.
  • It should be true to its breed’s characteristics considering which it is brought to be an ESA. 

How to get the ESA letter?

To make your pet an emotional support dog, you will have to be approved by a mental health specialist that you are suffering from emotional and/or mental difficulties and that having an emotional support pet will help you cope with your condition. 

You can either get the ESA letter online or apply for it in person. Either way, you will be assessed by the specialist through interviews and assessments. After several sessions and/or assessments you will be granted permission to have an ESA if the pet animal can improve your condition. 

The letter signed and stamped is the only evidence for your pet to be an ESA. Keep in mind that there are no registrations or certificates for ESAs, other than just a prescribed letter.

Mental and Physical Exercise

This will depend on the breed of the dog. The puppy needs daily exercise to burn off the excess energy but the exercise doesn’t need to be of the same intensity as an exercise for adult dogs. The pup can be exercised indoors through wrestling and using objects to roughhouse with. Games such as playing tug with a rope or fetch can be a great exercise for the pups, and can also teach them to obey commands and get rid of bad behaviors such as stealing.  If you want to keep your dog inside your house you should have an ESA letter for housing

To mentally stimulate your pet animal is also important and amazingly mental exercise can burn greater energy than physical exercise. The cognitive exercises and challenges come in many forms and can help your pup be mentally as well as physically active, while also helping the pup build its memory and cognition. These activities can help keep your pup active and thinking at all times and are the best way to keep your pup calm and not have destructive tendencies. 

The emotional support letter is a legitimate certificate that makes your pet an emotional support creature. Passionate help creatures are given more opportunity and favorable circumstances at that point pets since they are on the job to give love, solace, and fulfillment to their proprietors. They should be with their proprietors to make them intellectually steady or to defeat alarm assaults or nervousness scenes.

There are many games and activities that you can incorporate using treats and toys to stimulate your pup both mentally and physically. Hide and seek is one of such games that you can play with your puppy by hiding yourself and calling your puppy to find you, or you can hide treats around the place or inside toys to let your pup find them and make the effort to get them out of the toy. Many toys come in the form of puzzles that allow your dog to find ways to unlock the treat by rolling it around, opening lids, etc. This helps make your pup become a problem solver.

With both mental and physical exercise, your pup will grow into an intelligent, controlled, and calm adult dog.

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