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Celebrate The Day

Celebrate The Day - Herbert Grönemeyer
[The Official FIFA 2006 World Cup Anthem]
[Grönemeyer, Silva, Bagayoko, Doumbia]

To win again
To never stop finding
Moving as one
Is the word for home
Begin to place
Yourself in the big frame
When you dream
When you dream

En avant pour la victoire
En avant pour la victoire
C'est le moment de l'espoir
C'est le moment de l'espoir
Let the sweet air
Fill our hearts
Walk on and celebrate the...
Day the day the day celebrate the day etc.
Grab your drums
Paint your soul
Feel the roar and celebrate the...
To win again
To never stop climbing
The rising road
Of ultimate faith
The world in a heartbeat
When you dream
When you dream

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Thanks for being my friend,

And understanding me,

For knowing what I'm going through,

And being here for me.

I know I can always count on you,

And I hope you know,

You can always count on me too,

Whatever you need I'm here for you,

Together we can make it through.

Even though we haven't known,

Each other that long,

We have become very close,

And are best friends now,

And I hope we always will be.

I'm so glad to have a great friend like you,

My world was falling apart,

Until the day I met you,

Then you turned my life around,

And now I no longer frown.


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