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3rd English Diary :: Meeting

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I woke up at the morning with a sore eye and giddy , many times that Iwake up with this sign
I think it is an effect from playing labtopin along time.

Yesterday was a Halloween Day but I'm not went to the Halloween Party ,
I had an appointment with my elder friends P'NuAor , P'Fon and P'Tam.

I told P'NuAor I'll arrived at Silom around 5 pm but the traffic jam.
It's made me very late. I arrived to her nearly 6 pm and we are taked a MRT to Ladprao
but it's wrong station ! we would like to go to Central Ladprao ,
the correct is Paholyothin Station - -!
So we had to taked a motorcycle from MRT Ladprao to Central Ladprao ,we were so tried.

I met P'Fon & P'Tam at Central Ladprao , everybody so hungry especially me
because I ate a little bread and some of coffee at the morning
and not ate anything until now.
We choose to ate suki at MK suki and shopping after that.

At nearly 9 pm I waited for a bus went to my house , it rains
and waited a bus for along time.
Are you believe ? I arrived at my house around 00.30 am. I took a bath
and turn on my labtop to check an e-mail and went to bed 2.00 am as usual.

Yesterday I played a labtop at least time but I still sore eye and giddy so
I think I have to use labtop less than now. Ought to use for working or important
but now I play a labtop every times that I don't have anything to do
or when I feel lonely I will come to chat with my friends ,
to listen a music , see the website and manythings.

I must to play lessen , I'm fear the affect to my eyes and brain ,
to blindness or anything. But I will try to update my diary it's not absurd
but it is help me to practice my English. Although nobody check it for me ,
at least I know a new vocabulary every times I write it.

Sat. November 1st , 2008

lozocat lozocat

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