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my kind of a thank-you note

Dear family, friends, and blog readers,

Thank you so much for Smiley, cards, calls, mails, wishes, and thoughts that you sent this way for our (my and Neill'sSmiley) birthdaysSmiley. I know I've been bad and haven't been blogging as often (or at all) as I should. There's no good excuse for it but please know that you're always in our minds. Smiley

Anyway, here is my kind of a thank-you note for you all. Also to give you an update on how much Neill (and my graphic skill -- haha) has grown. This digital scrapbooking layout is actually going to become a page in Neill's 2009 calendar. So you can now go and brag that you've seen it first! Smiley


(to see picture in full size: click picture --> choose 'all sizes')

Love, hugs and kisses,

Pom and Neill

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รู้สึกว่าลูกเราจะอยู่ร.ร. เดียวกันนะเนี่ยยยยยย......อิอิ

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miss you two :)

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