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31 มีนาคม 2551
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Day light saving

Yesterday (Saturday 22 at 12 pm) is the date that we (in UK) have to turn our clock forward on what we called "Day Light saving". This also formally means that we are entering the Spring season, which is what I have been long waiting for. The winter has been quite horrible for me. It's so freezing even I turned on the heater.
Speaking of the heater, I don't understand why the people here still use the same old style of heater. When I stayed in Japan, I use the air-conditioned type of heater, which I could adjust for the temperature. I think that kind of machine is much more effective interms of warming the room. In fact, I think the people here are so willing to accept the old things even though they are not a great thing. I mean the Japanese people just keeps thinking and updating everything from high-technology products to the kitchen utensils in order to make their life comfortable. I think that's why the Jap are so developed. How come I get this far from my subject.
Anyway, the good news is the weather is getting warmer with more sunshine and more flowers.


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I prefer the old style fireplace ka.
Esp the real one which u can smell the logs are burning and everybody stay in the same room , having nice cups of tea, all of the family members are there in front of the fire, talking and spending time together.

That is the fascinating of England for me na ka.
They blended the technology & traditional style together perfectly.

I enjoy myself everytime I have a chance to visit the countrysides, farm houses, cottages, etc.

PS. My flat has got a underfloor heating ka, I do agree with u that it is convenience but I still prefer the smell of the buring logs na. eieieieiie


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