Fujifilm Quick Snap Waterproof 35mm Single Use Camera
On a recent trip to Tahiti I believe I have tried about every kind of one-time use underwater camera on the market (i.e., Kodak Max Sport; Kodak Max Wet, and Konica Waterproof Camera and the Fuji). All of the cameras worked fine snorkeling, although I found the Konica and the Kodak Max Wet to be more difficult to use. [The Konica was a little difficult to see through the view finder with a mask on, and the Kodak Max Wet, most annoyingly had the strap and the photo button on opposite sides of the camera! A real disadvantage to a right handed person. As a result you essentially had to use two hands to take a photo, one to hold the camera and the other to depress the button. Any of these cameras will work fine for snorkeling, however the best were the Fuji and Kodak Sport. Keep in mind that all underwater photos will look a bit blue, however, snorkeling in the lagoon in Tahiti the blue was not really noticeable.

Here's the part I really like, now I admit, contrary to manufacturer recommendations, I did take both the Fuji camera and the Kodak Max Wet camera with me Scuba Diving. According to manufacturer directions the Fuji camera's recommended depth is 17 feet [which is the deepest of any one-time use camera on the market]. On my dives we never went deeper than about 22 feet. The problem with diving with these cameras is the pressure - you can take a photo just fine, but due to the pressure you will be unable to wind the film. However, I used the Fuji camera without any problems -- I was always able to wind the film and the photos came out wonderfully -- although they were blue. The Kodak Max Wet camera continually would freeze up, thus in order to take a photo you would have to snap the picture, go up several feet, wind the film then go back down -- not very convenient and as a result I took very few photos. Although the photos I did take with this camera came out well, although they too were blue. The other benefit to the Fuji camera is that it is easier to use in the water, the button to take a photo is much easier to handle and there is a very large knob for winding the film, which is especially handy if you are wearing gloves.
The knob is a real drawback for both the Kodak Max Wet and the Konica cameras -- I found those two cameras to be much more difficult to wind and may be near impossible if you are wearing dive gloves. Also with the Fuji and the Kodak Max Sport, the strap, the button and winder are all on the right side, which makes this camera very easy to use for a right-handed person.

In summary, if you go snorkeling I would recommend the Fuji camera or the Kodak Max Sport. ... And, if you do plan to go Scuba diving, give the Fuji a try.

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