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มกราคม 2548
19 มกราคม 2548
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the first but not last

my web blog my first one hope it's not last.
god.. it's very small how can I see what I typing.

today question
-when n'min gonna answer my e-mail
-am I too fat to wear that dress I ganna have second try today
-how can I meet my yuichi again
-how can I make yuichi next door look at me
-when I gonna finish the work

My day fill up with question

miss yuichi from anather side of pacific

Create Date : 19 มกราคม 2548
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Hope you enjoy your new blog.
Can I comment your blog in Thai ??

โดย: Isaiah (kchandac ) วันที่: 19 มกราคม 2548 เวลา:15:45:19 น.  

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berry shortcake
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กรุงเทพ Thailand

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yuichi, you are my coala. you are my shy boy
when I fall in love with you

wish this dream is forever true

have you right here

face to face

let's nobody else

come between me and you

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