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Poison's Family ยาพิษในคราบของน้ำหอม(Christian Dior)

Dior Poison
The provocative and enigmatic Poison was the first perfume in this range and was released in 1985. Best suited to evening wear, this long lasting fragrance was a great success due to its sumptuous blend of notes.

Top Notes : Coriander

Middle Notes : Wild Berries, Orange Honey and Tuberose

Base Notes : Opopanar

Dior Poison Tendre
Christian Dior’s Tendre Poison was released 9 years after the successful launch of the original Poison. This is a gentler interpretation of Poison and has subtle wood notes blended with fresh and fruity notes.

Top Notes : Mandarin and Galbanum

Middle Notes : Freesia and Orange Blossom

Base Notes : Sandalwood and Vanilla

Dior Hypnotic Poison
As the name suggests, Hypnotic Poison is a truly mesmerising scent which creates a bewitching mood of enchantment. The third perfume in the range to be launched, its notes blend together to produce an alluring scent.

Top Notes : Bitter Almond and Caraway

Middle Notes : Jasmine Sambac, Moss and Jacaranda Wood

Base Notes : Vanilla and Musk

Dior Pure Poison
Released in 2004, Pure Poison is the fourth fragrance in Christian Dior’s Poison range. This enchanting perfume is sultry yet clean, and its fruit and floral notes create a perfect feminine aroma.

Top Notes : Jasmine, Sweet Orange, Calabrian Bergamot and Sicilian Mandarin

Middle Notes : Orange Blossom and Gardenia

Base Notes : Sandalwood and Ambergris

Dior Pure Poison Elixir
Pure Poison Elixir is a more intense, longer lasting version of Poison and was launched by Christian Dior in 2006. It’s a seductive and sophisticated floral fragrance and comes in a beautiful bottle complete with atomiser spray.

Top Notes : Petitgrain and Green Mandarin Orange

Middle Notes : Orange Blossom and Jasmine Sambac

Base Notes : Sandalwood, Amber, Almond, Vanilla and Cocoa Absolut

Dior Midnight Poison
Midnight Poison by Christian Dior is the fifth perfume of the Poison fragrance collection that was launched in 2007 that has an oriental-floral scent. Midnight Poison by Christian Dior is geared towards the fantasy of Cinderella and glamour to entice women to buy this "sexy" perfume. With the success of all the other Poison fragrances that are available, will Midnight Poison by Christian Dior appeal to all women?

Top Notes : mandarin and bergamot

Middle Notes : rose and patchouli

Base Notes : rose, vanilla, musk and soft amber


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