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*\\* New York Fashion Week Spring 2008 Highlights : Day Five *//*

Fashion Week Highlights: Day 5

On Sunday, a few of New York Citys hardest-working designers, including Michael Kors, Phillip Lim, and Diane von Furstenberg, put in overtime and debuted their latest creations.

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3.1 Phillip Lim

Its well known that Phillip Lim is as talented as he is thoughtful; his spring 08 show served only to reinforce this stellar reputation. From menswear-inspired tuxedo jackets and edgy '80s-style miniskirts to sporty anoraks and elegant Grecian-inspired frocks, his spring collection offers something to appeal toand flattereveryone.


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Derek Lam

The '70s hits continued at Derek Lam this afternoon: sultry off-the-shoulder numbers, breezy chiffon wrap dresses, and of course (this being Derek Lam) some safari notes too, including belted navy pantsuits, a zebra-print dress, and Moroccan-inspired embellishments.


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Leave it to Donna Karan to create the most wearable versions of the seasons key trends for her DKNY line. Casual safari pantsuits, '60s A-line coats, and halterdressesas popular this spring as they are flatteringruled the runway, while exotic accents, including colorful obi belts, bold African prints, and floppy hats, kept things au courant.


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Diane Von Furstenberg

Diane von Furstenberg set her sights on Hawaii and Tahiti and returned with a closet full of beach-ready clothes. Palm-print silk blouses and batik-pattern dresses fulfill the vision of a glamorous vacation wardrobe, while breezy silk shifts and linen shirtdresses suit working girls who have to bide their time till the summer holidays.


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Michael Kors

Mr. Kors turned up the volume on the 70s, Saturday Night Fever vibe thats shown up on other runways, putting on the glitz like only he could. There were off-the-shoulder tiered chiffon dresses in florals and tie-dye prints, big gold accessoriesfrom oversized snake-skin bags to chunky bangles and bold necklacesas well as cashmere sweater dresses in Juicy Fruit stripes.


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Narciso Rodriguez

While other designers seem to be paring down this season, master of minimalism Narciso Rodriguez made a surprising move by doing quite the opposite. Dainty beading details, black floral appliqué, and faded tie-dye printsa pattern well see plenty of come springadd intrigue to his simple shifts and frocks, while a few violet numbers brighten up his trademark black-and-white palette.


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Nicholai by Nicky Hilton

Crystal-studded shifts, satin dresses, and cocktail dresses channeling the swinging 60s vibe fill out Nicky Hiltons debut Nicholai collectionnot unlike the pieces that fill out Nickys own wardrobe. Still, even with all her self-referential notes, you could not help but feel happy for the younger Hilton sister to have her own, drama-free moment in the spotlight.


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Peter Som

Peter Som, who was recently tapped as Bill Blass creative director, has taken his usual, refined approach to a tony womens wardrobe this season. Slightly matte metallics play a big role in his collectionand in many others this seasonbut when applied to pencil skirts, brocade jackets, and cinched strapless dresses, they seem more Park Avenue than Studio 54.


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