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45 best Android games

45 best Android games
The best Android games for your phone or tablet

1. Star Wars: Uprising

45 best Android games Star Wars: Uprising

With Star Wars all the rage the Galaxy needs a new hero in the fight against the Empire. Take part in Sector Battles, create your own character, and play real-time co-op.

2. Despicable Me

45 best Android games Despicable Me

If you love those little yellow things you’ll love Minion Rush. Jump, roll, dodge and scramble to collect bananas in this cute runner game.

3. Crossy Road

45 best Android games Crossy Road

Why did the chicken cross the road? Never mind that, why didn’t you? We love this hopper game, and so will you.

4. Fallout Shelter

45 best Android games Fallout Shelter

Fallout fans will love Shelter, a mobile game that gives you complete control over your very own Vault, and the citizens that reside in it. Can you keep your Dwellers happy, fed and protected from the dangers of the outside world in this post-apocalyptic adventure?

5. WordBrain

45 best Android games WordBrain

“Even the smartest word game enthusiasts will have a real challenge to complete this game. In fact: only very few have!” That’s all the encouragement we need: the challenge is on to become a word master in this headscratchingly difficult hiddenword

6. Minecraft

45 best Android games Minecraft

Pocket Edition
Construction sim with endless possibilities. This infinite box of Legos has the very real potential to eat your life before your eyes.

7. Alphabear

45 best Android games Alphabear

Oh now this is supercute. You spell out words and bears appear. Longer words equal bigger bears and even more cuteness.

8. Spider-Man

45 best Android games Spider-Man

Recruit an army of heroes in the Spider-Verse and take on the Sinister Six. This action-packed arcade game will keep you entertained for hours.

9. Clash of Clans

45 best Android games Clash of Clans

Form the ultimate Clan with your own army of Barbarians, Archers, Hog Riders, Wizards and more, then defend your village and take down the Goblin King.

10. Lego Ninjago

45 best Android games Lego Ninjago

Ninjas, it’s time to enter Master Chen’s Tournament of Elements. You must use your training to take on Elemental Masters, and the more you win the stronger you become.

11. Monopoly

45 best Android games Monopoly

Who doesn’t love Monopoly? If you answered “me”, go directly to jail. YOU WILL NOT COLLECT ?200.

12. Table Tennis Touch

45 best Android games Table Tennis Touch

It’s not a freebie, but stunning graphics make Table Tennis Touch worth the download. Even more so if you like Ping Pong.

13. Sim City Build It

45 best Android games Sim City Build It

A realistic city-builder that lets you create an environment in which your citizens will thrive, and trade resources with friends online. Just when you think life is going good, real-life challenges will keep you on your toes.

14. Plants vs Zombies 2

45 best Android games Plants vs Zombies 2

Plants vs Zombies is the tower defence game loved by all, and the sequel is much more of the same zombie- and super-plant goodness.

15. First Touch Soccer 2015

45 best Android games First Touch Soccer 2015

There are loads of football games for Android, but if you don’t want to pay a penny First Touch Soccer is a great choice.

16. Walking Dead: Road to Survival
TellTale’s Walking Dead series is not to be missed, but this alternative is a turnbased RPG that focuses on the original comic books over the TV series, and in which your decisions will determine who lives and who dies. Kicking off at Woodbury, can you take on The Governor?

17. The Room Two
Physical puzzles in a beautifully-realised 3D world make this somewhat unsettling sequel a joy to play.

18. Lara Croft Go
Explore the ruins of an ancient civilisation and face deadly challenges in this turn-based adventure game. More than 75 puzzles are split into five chapters.

19. Bad Piggies
From the makers of Angry Birds, Bad Piggies is an addictive and challenging puzzle game, with some action thrown in to add to the fun.

20. Temple Run 2
A hugely popular runner game for Android, Temple Run 2 sees you navigate perilous terrain as you attempt to escape with the cursed idol. However far you can get, it won’t be far enough.

21. Monument Valley
Supremely calming puzzler with innovative perspective-based gameplay. More soothing than an opiate-spiked Horlicks.

22. Jetpack Joyride
Mission-driven progression and a range of crazy gadgets, jetpacks, vehicles, achievements and character customisation add replay value to the simple controls and repetitive nature of Barry Steakfries’ endless journey in Jetpack Joyride.

23. Angry Birds
Just because it’s old doesn’t make it bad: this list would never be complete without this mobile gaming classic.

24. Ridiculous Fishing
“A handcrafted game about fishing with guns, chainsaws & toasters.” SOLD.

25. Super Hexagon
Frantic shape-based avoidance game. Punishing difficulty set to a rather wonderful electronic score.

26. Threes!
Potently addictive, simple yet full of strategic depth, Threes is based on a set of numbered tiles that you manipulate around a four-by-four board. There are blue ones, and pinky twos, and you jam these into each other to make white threes. Everything else is a multiple of three created by joining two matching white tiles. Two plus one equals three. Three plus three equals six. Six plus six equals 12. You get the picture.

27. Flow Free
Addictive colour matching fun that is equal parts frustration and satisfaction. Attempt to reach the goal in as few moves as possible.

28. Sonic Dash
The lovable blue spikey-haired hedgehog returns in this endless runner game for Android. Dash, jump and spin through levels collecting rings, dodging spikes and ultimately climbing the leader boards.

29. Dumb Ways
To Die 2
Warioware-style mini games abound in this free gigglefest. Fun, quickfire action, with entertaining deaths aplenty.

30. Words With
Words With Friends is in essence Scrabble, played with friends at your own pace. And you get to show them how much more intelligent you are than them. A no-brainer.

31. Call Of Duty: Heroes
This 3D combat strategy game has you customise your base and train elite forces to wipe out enemies in fierce battle. Plus: create deadly alliances with your friends, competing for in-game rewards.

32. Riptide GP2
Rocket-powered hydro jets and futuristic race tracks make Riptide GP2 a fast, fun, and visually stunning racing experience.

33. Cut The Rope: Time Travel
Cut the Rope: Time Travel is a new adventure filled with time-travelling, candycrunching, physicsbased action. Help Om Nom feed his ancestors as you play through the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, a Pirate Ship, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, the Stone Age, Disco Era, Wild West, Asian Dynasty, Industrial Revolution and the Future. Great for kids, too.

34. Beach Buggy Blitz
A fun driving game in which you collect power-ups and performance-boosting upgrades, unlock new vehicles and collect new characters. Awesome fun and great graphics make Beach Buggy Blitz an easy download.

35. Machinarium
Josef the robot is on a mission to save girlfriend Berta from the Blackcap Brotherhood in this award-winning adventure game.

36. Hitman GO
Agent 47’s latest outing is a quasi-board game that plays like the leadup to a game of Cluedo. Initially odd, but ultimately rewarding.

37. Marvel Contest of Champions
If you love your superheroes and fighting games then you’ll love Contest of Champions. Level up characters and build your own team of champions in this graphically stunning fighter game.

38. Thomas Was Alone
Satisfying special gameplay takes second place to the compelling writing and characterization. You’ll never care more about a bunch of squares.

39. Badland
Gorgeous sidescrolling, jump-based platformer, and winner of three awards. Worth downloading for the stunning visuals alone.

40. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
Rockstar has retooled its genre-defining franchise for Android, and you can pick up GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas for criminally good gaming wherever you go.

41. Criminal Case
Are you ready to test your detective skills? This is a hidden object game with an actual storyline: investigate crime scenes for clues and help the Police of Grimsborough crack murder cases.

42. Modern Combat 5 Blackout
Gameloft’s answer to Call of Duty on the PC or consoles, Modern Combat 5: Blackout is a meaty game which includes both singleand multiplayer modes.

43. Goat Simulator
What started out as an Internet joke has now landed on Android. Play as a goat and wreck as much stuff as possible in this fantastic mess of a game.

44. Crazy Taxi City Rush
Crazy Taxi City Rush rewards you for insane driving as you race around doing whatever it takes to get your passengers to their destination on time.

45. You Must Build A Boat
Sequel to 10000000, this builds on the original tile-matching puzzle meets running game with a boat. You have to build it, assemble a crew, and explore whatever dungeons you pass as you float down river.


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