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What can I do

The Corrs
What Can I Do

I haven't slept at all in days
it's been so long since we have talked
and i have been here many times
i just don't know what i'm doing wrong

What can i do to make you love me
what can i do to make you care
what can i say to make you feel this
what can i do to get you there

There's only so much i can take
and i just got to let it go
and who knows i might feel better
if i don't try and i don't hope

Chorus :
No more waiting, no more aching
no more fighting, no more trying

Maybe there's nothing more to say
and in a funny way i'm calm
because the power is not mine
i'm just going to let it fly


Love me

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Sawasdee ka! Welcome to my blog naka. Please stay for a while if you dare ...อิอิ

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I love you because you make everyday magical. I love you because you believe in me. I love you because you understand me like no one else does. I love you because you always know just what I need. I love you because just being around you make my day. I love you because you love me for me. I love you because you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. My life would be nothing without you

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