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jumppaper 13

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Domo, been a while not writing
The one who watched SMAPs concert the other day, Daiki Arioka♪

iya~ it was fun
I watched with Hikaru-kun and Takaki eagerly, (it = eagerness) increased when we wave towards SMAP♪ laughs

As I looked around the hall, from children,

to grandpas, to grandmas, (people of) various generations were waving penlights with a smile

A group that works hard and aims to be loved by young and old from any generation (Is what I) felt/thought again

Speaking of concerts

On September 15, Hey! Say! 2010 TEN JUMP DVD was released

have (you) seen it

Concert footage, as well as backstage

and rehearsal footage, held at Kyocera Dome~

Seeing the DVD, I was surprised to see the time BEST (did) Ganbaretsu go
(or BESTs Ganbaretsu Go moment)

Watching the DVD from now on, seeing the time BEST (did) 'Ganbaretsu go' (will be a) surprise laughs

First time seeing that Yabu-kun deshou

When Yabu-kuns tension rises, (he) always becomes like that laughs

But I really like BEST (&) 7s 「Ganbaretsu go」

When (the) 1st album recording was decided to be released on July,
「"Yossha From now on (we can) sing 'Ganbaretsu Go' in karaokes」 BESTs peak rises

About that, BEST (does) love Ganbaretsu Go laughs

Anyway everyone from 7, (do) sing BESTs Score
In that way, it was enjoyable having it made not knowing until the DVD was seen ♪

(there are) new discovery of Hey! Say! JUMPs members seen (in) | Even seeing Hey! Say! JUMP's members, there is something new to discovery (in) 「Hey! Say! 2010 TEN JUMP」.

What kind of person then laughs

By all mean, please watch

Well then at this time, at this point

Bye bye

To Morimoto-chibiko gang

During the final day of SUMMARY, when (I) sent out meddling on the stage

Tears that (I) always hold back, came into my eyes that day were wiped by hands without a remark.
[what he meant was that his tears were wiped by his kouhais]

I was so touchedLaughs


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