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Update Firmware MEIZU M8

How to update Firmware
Here are the instructions on how to update the firmware on your Meizu M8.

Place the xip.bin file into the root of the Meizu M8 via USB Disk mode.
Shut the device down.
Hold the play and power button for a few seconds, and you will be booted into upgrade mode.
Press the upgrade button and wait.
Restart the phone.

Per tradition, another decimal was skipped and never publically released ( is said to be the last version before 1.0+ versions, below are the changes:

Changelog M8 Firmware

1. Theme/skinning support added
2. Music player now supports the MIDI format
3. SRT subtitles now supported for video
4. Increase the stroke input method
5. New timezones added (YES!!!)
6. Amended the lunar cycle error
7. Adjusted settings option order
8. Task Manager changed, can now be accessed from desktop
9. Improve the speed of GPRS
10. Improve browser toolbar functionality
11. MMS now supports MID and GIF formats
12. Improved accuracy of GPRS traffic statistics
13. Call dynamic matching process (?) can be connected to Bluetooth headset
14. Fixed a problem with Outlook contact syncing
15. Video player now remembers where each video lefts off

Download Mirror1 Mirror2 Mirror3

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