ELLIS: Comprehensive English Training Software

ELLIS is the best English Learning Software in the world. It is the overwhelming choice of teachers and learners around the world from K-12, higher education, corporate and adult education programs.

The ELLIS curriculum combines graphics, full-motion video, sound, and text to create a virtual language experience for English learners at all levels. ELLIS is further distinguished by its extraordinary depth and pedagogical strengths.

ELLIS software has been designed for maximum learning with maximum ease. The software offers students over 1000 hours of interesting and interactive material for students of all levels. The beauty of the ELLIS software is the ability for students or individuals to chose the time, rhythm and subject best suited to them.

The Different ELLIS Programs:
There are 3 different program types designed for specific groups and needs; ELLIS Kids, ELLIS Academic & ELLIS Business.

Format / Quality: iso
Size: 1.7gb

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